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Chris Core

Bring back Tenkaichi 3 or any of the Tenkaichi but this is another Dragon Ball Z Saga game i play this when I was 15


Michael Bayisms ftw

Memeliouse !?!?!

Korea ?

Kaidra OE

this moving statues form doctor who easter egg is coming in every video game! LOL

Emily Baker

Wow. You guys are so cool I hope I win the giveaway. I wish I was one of you

It’s Amora Sis

I’m so sorry!! I wish you so much love and happiness! But on the bright side at least she’s not hurting anymore! My dog had to be put down because of many health problems! Best of luck to you!! Keep pushing through it!

Wayde Eishold

What is the music in the backround called?


Who else cried whilst watching this. Do it here ▷▷▷→→→\ipadnew

Syther Sloth vlogs

So sad

Hangin' with Kagen


Frida Girl

I’m an introvert. I do like talking to my friends, but sometimes it’s too much. The bad thing is, my friends are extroverts... They don’t understand when I want to be alone and get angry when I say that I can’t meet up with them today either. I’m not shy, I can talk to strangers and I have no problems making friends, but I rather spend a day home in bed than out with my friends. I am not scared of doing things alone, and if I don’t find what you’re talking about intresting, I leave and do something on my own. I have also lots of friends that does not care about personal space. They hug me all the time and freaking never lets go! I mean, I love my friends, but I just need to have my space.

Random Thingz

Finally annie leblanc is in an expressive relationship, FINALLY someone who’s proud to be her boyfriend.

Sarah McEwen

Missing an arcade


hey guru when rdr 2 comes out will you do an easter egg hunt?

Avigayil Ashwal

You should make a giant cinnamon roll


What a you roning

Devarya Ganjekar

You should race a motor bike


I like how she says "Jared"

Level Up! Nintendo


Deacon Osman

Team coby all de way

Who knows Whats gonna happen on this channel

I’m 17 and have Vertigo

Saugat K.C.

When they play the football with hand and the soccer ball with foot.


dave the greninja

This is cool and amazing at the same time

christian brasswell

and his fury not rage is one shot and it's a punch to the face

Analyn Aritmetica

I think I saw a rainbow behind Garrett

Eva Starman

I feel soo sorry for that girl!!! I hope she is fine

Dilrabo Absadikova

“Pepper pig”

You a lil' hot girl, you a lil' sweetie (No, sweet)

Some random potato passing by


Bear Milbrandt

5:37 i thought Ty threw the turtle

Tilde Nordström

These videos always make me cry, I really tried to hold back the tears but they just came flooding

9th dimension- Ability to have total control of every possible universe in the omniverse. You are practically the omniverse itself.

The Siki Family

My favorite Easter egg from the video was the Abstergo CEO. Whenever it came on, I went to do the Easter egg which made my day. Great video! +FunWithGuru

Aiden The Cringe Lord

You guys should use the paintball guns and set up TONSSSS of pins and go on a fake mission Everyone like if you agree

~Allan Sheahen, U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network Board Member 

Nasty Fila

That also happened to me

Vishnu Vaid

Reveal @ 2:34 = 2 x 1:17 PogChamp

Zach Sprinkmann

lol they used kadamas

Mariah Lewiz

I though they interviewed a sugar baby

A Morton

1:30 reminds me of that scene in Brave

Aaron Kelly

Can you send me the dude perfect basket ball and tshirt


Was this off-the-court trouble 🏀

Ieo Jac


Helga Agner

excellent. this is excellent


Check out our trickshot video! its pretty good i think!!!

Kobe O