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Subscribe Now For latest punjabi videos, funny punjabi comedy scenes and new punjabi movies- Full Movie - Canada Wale 2 ,A Real Story Of Punjab,The Cheater N,R,IDirector - Jagrop Maan,Sadbalihar KangLyrics Story Sacreenplay And Dilouge By - Jagroop Singh MaanStar Cast - Jagroop Maan,Parkash Gadhu,Malkeet Rauni,Kamal Baath,Parminder Gill Madam,Gurcharan Allowal,Jasveer Gill,Sandeep Kumar,Vijaya Balli,KarmjitSingh,Harjodh Garewal,Rajveer Sekhon,Simarnjeet Kaur,Asha Rani,Master Major Singh Pandher,JaggiSinger - Malkit MangaMusic - Boby UttamEditing - Bhagi ChdMake Up - SandeepSound - Kamlesh,Ravi JoshiCamra - MehfoozProducer - Jagroop MaanPresentation - Panj Darya ProductionLable - Balle Balle TuneLike us on Facebook for latest updates on Balleballetunes - your business query, mail us at - Email -


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Jackura Games

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Max Mitchell 44

Anti sexist

bmx doe

a single player star wars game with platforming! I dig it, reminds me of Shadows of the Empire

Uri Rozenblit

‘Small borough of Staten Island??’ SI is over twice the size of Manhattan 😤

im.eliana Hi

Omg I’m about to cry Grayson donated to St.Judes! Omg my sister had to go bc of her brain tumor and then she ended up passing...but I love how he did that!!!!!

Imelda Wellington

I would give you guys 1000 subscribes

Nina Sophia

I'm sorry but the story board was by..... JESUS.

Harpy Gaming

I thought the left didn’t want to build a wall😂😂

Loridana Smaili

Love you

Ven Wong


Hannah Samuel

The trailer looks so pretty😍😍. The animation is amazing.

Rhett Jones

Nowadays, dude perfect is becoming more of a comedy show. I wish they kept some more trick shotting up.

Delagator Sol


Lukas McVicker

The dirt bike one

Infinity Bros19

I’m mr.jealus

JaygaBlimpz YT

Garrett Was In The Camera

Степан Шеленко

Check Dungeons 2 whole game is a easter egg


THAT'S HIS HOUSE!? He lives in a fucking mansion.

Random Crap

This kinda remind me of "My Sister Is My Mother" video :/

Linda Svantesson

GG esey

Curt Fevens

i played too and beat garrett on first round

GoPanthers 22

It was not a checkers

uknown 00000


Alyssa Green

I see where ty gets it from LoL😝😂


who is a Dude Perfect subscriber?

conan smith

This is going to break all records

Blizzard Blaze

Ty's cut be looking fresh

Demons in my brain, and they wanna go


Dude Perfect for president? I think so.

Neil Brown

I've been waiting for the man with the scythe to nail me for many years. The sorry son of a bitch keeps missing, though.

Drew Davis

What about ty edition