LASALLE vs AIDEN : La VÉRITÉ sur la Team LaSalle

LaSalle et Unwin qui portent des accusations très graves envers Aiden. AidenShow ;RÉPONSES et PREUVES.: AIDEN VIRÉ DE LA TEAM LASALLE: LA VÉRITÉ SUR AIDEN AVEC PREUVE , IL VOUS MANIPULE !!- MES EXCUSES

Levi No

Who would have thought that something in the movies weren’t like real life.


I know this story! You were the girl that was in my book, you moved down hill and found someone. The next day he came and found you! Then helped you back to health!!! It was on the how to survive book!



Ribby One

Mojang used "scrolls" in the title of one of their videogames.

Dyldog 09

I want to try panda bowling

brazil bangladesh

I want to join to you


How about cod stereotypes? Like the guy who somehow gets the highest streak every life, the guy who changes his class every two seconds, the corner jumper, the guy who reloads after every shot.


You didn't eat the yeast rolls from Texas Roadhouse though, so this whole food battle is null and void.

michael keller

I actually really like hearing you explaining the easter eggs. Please do more. You have a great voice for that.

AlexRandom09 HD



I showed this to my dog.

Gabriella Bigelow

I thought he was gonna propose!

Angel Menjivar

I love you guru I might have not commented on any of your videos in like a year but you're still one of my favorite youtubers of all time. Plus the parts with in n out were funny af since I could agree with you about it in n out is life

John Tsai Silva

Not a Sport

shadow fox

I’m the cartless female 😂😂😂

Kaizoku Luffy

I'm watching this video laughing out of shock thinking how tf did they get away with that!? Like I knew misogyny was pretty bad back then but this looks brutal lmao

Daniela Rodríguez

I love you ❤️


this Wipeout is AWESOME . I love DP

Darren Reyes

Call it the ballenarrow shot

EeveeGirl :3

Guys you guys are just saying in the comments I'm DePresSed but you guys are just trying to say you have it just in THIS VIDEO. Have you guys even experienced it have you had a friend and your profile pictures and videos look pretty happy and your playlists are as happy as mine stop saying I KnEw iT I HaVE dEPrESsION.... Just stop


You just summed up this documentary that I watched last year from 2 hours down to ten minutes. And you even had the same conclusion.

Adrian Doyle

Ty looks most like his dad

Diana LoL LOL

People say that the ones who get bullied have a weak personality as they don’t stand up but here is a proper example of someone who didn’t have the guts to as well stand up to a bully who was back then bullying her other best friend 🤦🏼‍♀️

Vlasis Cavey

The Zelda one almost made me cry :'( . Happy new year everybody!

lamb sauce

who tf calls the time tables multiplication tables

Sara Alexandra

1:41 that kinda looks like the monster elsa created when she tried to get anna and kristoff to leave her icy castle after she accidentally struck ice into anna’s heart

Gullu Butt


keep mining

Thomas Christensen

Did anybody else see Ty’s shark smile at the camera

Minh Quang

If somebody had told her that she could just buy some ramen and fix her entire body...


Easter egg inception 🤯

ma tty

Your need is nothing at all

Monkey man


Dylan The Davidson



Nice video KidGuru, it was awesome, i love it.

PoGe_ Seraph

I'm with you

I am almost 11 and live in Indonesia. I am using my aunt's acc. Since I have an email but my dad wouldn't tell me the password.



kayla nguyen

seattle space needle next!

Sebastian Cheng

I want golden hamburgers

Reinhardt Nathan

Old videos2019 lol