La saison des amours (Strawberry summer ) film complet en français

Comme chaque année, la petite ville de Fairland se prépare pour son traditionnel festival annuel et cette édition s’annonce tout simplement grandiose avec la participation du beau Jason Keith. Beth a réussi à convaincre l’étoile montante de la chanson country, adulée par des millions de personnes, de participer au festival. Mais à peine arrivé, le musicien se comporte comme une petite star capricieuse. Beth va alors tenter de percer le mystère de ce comportement ingrat qui risque de mettre à l’eau toutes les festivités…

The People who are not Caucasian

mayuri Lilka

Who is inside the panda

Rob Hammond



I would love to see a video about Blade Runner:2049. Great video btw like always

Connor Hayes



I'm from Canada never been to either

Nobody at all:

Jalina Gerlofs

That looks fun but I've already done it once

suga yelling

I just wanna know was her coochie hair y 😂.


Black butler is best dub

Sally Oris

Kissing the ball you don't know where that's been I watched this like 1000000 times and still say that


This makes me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

helen gillety


XD obviously im joking

Evan Simpson

Let all agree this video was way more interesting and entertaining than the actual super bowl

Acid tone

No offense or anything, i dont like the mini breaker. It's lacking

Kenneith Bee

Like from China

AWP SKIN Counter Strike Global Offensive

Cory:*Spin Wheel Unfortune*

Leslie Song

wth all itl thought she was pregnant but it was all just a dream. should i be upset or happy? lol

Perry Wilks

yall r one cute group of young adults



Little Girl 30

Im never going to have a stupid baby

Kane Kenerly

We NEED a zombies game by treyarch that focuses on the serious zombies story that we all wanted!

Jamison Sturdevant

@glenzlbc Coming from a person who has negative comments all over his channel, just stop saying did he died you dambass that got old about 5 months ago

shahad vlogs

I think the title should be

XTensionCORD death


Nathan Stevens

2019 anyone?


this should be an official sport


When are you gonna Collab with Danny , please


Kevin Annand

Cannot wait! Please bring back more diverse temples. Only complaint I really had about the previous one was how samey all the shrines and shrine enemies were but I still loved the game.

Javi Momomo

2:51 ouch

I hate my life.


An amazing video like always!

Midhun rxme

These guys are really awesome

Rowdy Raccoon

Where is Garrett

melow swirps

Then I passed out then ad -.-*


funny moment at 6:26

Riley isbeast

i likes the double through the legs dunl

Chinothan Nguyen

Yea us Asians well eat you


next your pro Job c:

Fairy Frost

Brave and Frozen?


Alvise Vesco

what is that orange point ?(megalodont's part)

Aiden c

Ty is just too good at everything

brandon quinilla

I thought Value couldn't count up to 3

Jake Rosten

Do a video on Tales from The Borderlands easter eggs/references

Black Heart

7:07 made me laugh so much my cheeks hurt now