Large Pocket Albums •Super Easy• | Using 4 sheets of 12x12 paper! - YouTube

Hello Friends! These albums were so much fun to make and going through and organizing my G45 stash was so therapeutic and relaxing.Loved it.I hope you enjoy! xo Amber Here’s the video where I got inspired to make these albums...The Creative Life Studios:I used is Graphic 45 French Country, which you can purchase here:me on Instagram: @trapezecrafts ★Facebook:Trapeze Paper Crafts☾Business Inquiries Only:☾☆ VideoNOT sponsored.

Snow 2-5

12:26 dad, I don’t feel so good.

Jcoombs 31

No bully but at the start of the video you looked like jason

Tapasya Vijesh

PLEASE tell me are you still okay?

Andrea Crockett

Wait is she complaining about not being sick

Christopher Smalls

@TheFiifii123 hey i feel u on that i was to lol

Dad and mum: 8=======D~ {()}

Agent Random

I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TJ's World!

Best office ever!



Seibon 1337

Сколько им лет


Franklyn Emmanuel

love the toby mac song in the bg

Blitz Boys

whats brown and stickey a stick

Purple Flamingo

I am Mexican one time I went to Starbucks they didn’t ask for my name but when I got my cup it said ( El Chapo ) 😭🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


How many time do you spend ti realize a video like this?

mamerica 14

PURPLE HOSER clap clap clap clap clap

Karen Zuñiga

No puede ser me muero


I never got my period :(

NIght Hawk

do endless ducker stereotypes (the rage monster would be so funny)

YoBoiCaseyPlayz- 47

IDK why I was watching this, it was cool

Andrew Dennison

Still looking for the song

mumma pink

Dude perfect


I subbed sportfort.That make me, cooool.

Aaryan Ramani

Cory's last winning shot though was insanely accurate

Ruben T

3:26 "The calvary's arrived!" mean, the CAVALRY's arrived.

Tube Sunny

watching in 2019.these dudes are still stars but where is Garret

Ajay Ark

Rip bike

rahim bakhash

I am the blind napper


hey guru have you ever thought of doing a metal gear solid easter egg video?

Georgia Mayer

Molly is the best 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Elena S

This one made me cry quite a bit I gave both of my parents hugs and told them how much I love both of them!!!!!!!!

Sport Elements


Yangyang Moreno


WAIT wrong channel ok bb

I’m an immigrant too ♥️

Fwyg .hillary

All the creeps the message me are Indian men on Instagram.

Hi Defiance

The Dear Esther one creeped me the fuck out.


I can't believe you didn't mention that frostbite 2 is on sale in the mall, during "night shift" (I think) in the campaign.

LaTareon 2x

he looks like lonzo ball


Respect for usa and olimpic games winner

Ryan Crick

I’m sorry

Sophie Bartholomew

who is panda?

Max Taylor