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slimo '

Wooow so freakin talented 🌐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Anna Zheng

I swear Ty always wins!

Lia Nowicki

I love how when asked about Lamar Odem they were like “ he was married to a Kardashian “😂😂😂

Tushar Harjai

Please do more of this and play nba

Sinamae •

It’s okay to compare yourself with others... like you need it to give yourself perspective... it’s not okay to obsess over it though- this can go either not listening or looking at anyone else and looking only at what other people are doing. Like many things moderation is best.


dasha vlogs

i wish y’all would do labron or step

(I don’t have ocd don’t hate on me I know some of u will)


Dying Light someday Guru?

BluRyder _

R.I.P panda

real theme song: GANGSTA-CEPTION

orbulescu sebastian

that shit its the funniest video that i have ever seen, i laugh soo hard right now

Andre Wijaya

Scarlett Johansson has joined the chat

Noobmaster 69

9 year olds have joined the chat

The Resistance-75


Jamenci Sartre

Check out my visuals that I just did to this song

Sean Lee

I hate when every person died because my grandma died last 2 months ago and I wish I could spend time with her along time.


sashimi make me strong

Juggie Bonebrain

Yawn. Same subject matter. Money is your language? Trope has been used before. Skrrt, skrrt? Oh, that's original.

Stephane Vantveer

0:22 I can easily do that 😂

Ghhccfeah Gvx GBis in

9:40 😂

Ryan Seely

another thing about the Simpsons predicting 9/11 is when Homer sits down and looks at his watch, he says 'What time is is? It's 9:11"

Borja Merino Paco

Never though hockey was such a skill sport

Chad Call

giant baseball should be next

Arturo Cuahuizo

did any one else notice DJ Khaled was a senator too?

Awake EpicZz

There is no sound in space as air is a vacuum, therefore no sound


My period hasn't even started and i cant even stand it

Spider- Man

“This shot has turned many men into boys”-Tyler, 2017

Chloe Potato

5:26 dat necc


Hard to care about DBZ after the Broly movie...... Like none of this matters anymore.

Afonsoca PT

Kart cross race

Arnes Ba

it didnt count it hit the backboard

Laura Sofía Aldana Gómez

I'm the only sick person in my family... it hurts and got me depressed but after seeing this video I started thinking that I'd rather get flares everyday than having another member of my family falling sick as well


1:19 It Looks Like Claude From GTA 3!