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Check out the official music video for "Firestone" by Kygo ft. Conrad SewellSpotify: iTunes: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: Website:Jon JonAugustavo DirectorAndrew LeriosProducer#Kygo #Firestone #vevo #electronic #vevoofficial


Poseidon and Zeus are mad

Yogi Bear1357

You guys should make DudePerfect soccer balls I would totally buy it

Oh my I just reread that and I think I temporarily morphed into an activist

Everett Pam



The only one I found was the DJ Khaled one in resident evil


Congrats on one million subs MinuteVideos.

“I can’t believe they did this to me”

Another Video


Norby Rose

Tyler is a cheater

Jake Spalding

Was I the only one that saw DJ khaled

anoniempje anoniempje

In the matherfucking first place you really even cant think for not even one second that girls cant beat some boys asses pleassee you cant even think about it and then its hapoens often you just say why waiting , are you waiting to end up dead or something sorry but that is just stupid but yeah can i gat a amen😭?

Raul Escamilla Gutierrez

Is funny

Amethyst Wesso

I must be living under a rock because I never heard of The Talos Principle

my waterparks romance 182

Teens react to Gus Johnson

Captain Dickhead

lol who else had a borderlands: the pre sequel ad when they watched this 

CooL confuseD teeN

Happiness is not a destination

IrishVault 0017

donut easter egg me as a marine 😂





JyNxDAboss Pro1



I'm sorry but idk why it annoys me so much to look at your shirt cuz of that cut u have around ur chest area 👀

Fuppy Ko

I wonder if the behind the cameraman on the tower there's like 100 basketballs

Bigpoopypoop XD

I thought you meant like a math exam


D: The Porter Easter Eggs Almost made me cry lol


I mean like you aint bad for disagreeing you're gonna be bad if you try to ignore someone for being that like???

Braiden keim

It always puts a smile on my face when I see a video come up from you. thanks :D

ellie stevens




drawing in lapse

I knew they were going to win

OMS 2022 Asad C

Is this even physically possible?


Finch Claiborne

ya I saw dj khaled


Yes i am a fish watching a video.


I really get excited when I see a Guru's notifications.

Karson R.

Can't wait for dude perfect 2019


Did they tell you to say that 🤔

Diamond Soldier


Stevie Stawniczy

Why does the main character keep falling asleep

Lady Fudge

#tinder the first girl is so right. Can’t use your worth as a chat up line

ak_noleboi_ 47

who is panda

Keaton John



I feel like the pain is worth it.

Arthur Cavazos

damn, so thats why Ed failed, he summoned a monster from the DOOM universe! quick do it again and get DOOM GUY!!

Kyleigh Harris

And I'm proud she got up soooooooo much confidence to say that


Mrtlexify would be happy for the minion to be slayn


At first, I thought there would've been a joke, but after I cried, I knew there wouldn't be any..

Rebecca Miller


Agent Fundacji nr89- Jan kowalski

Thanks for this video guys

a ordinary human being

Artist : How much orange do you want ?