KISHIYA KO MASIFA 1&2 Hausa Film Original. with English Subtitle. ku danna SUBSCRIBE

KISHIYA KO MASIFA:- Labarine akan wata Matar Aure da batasan zaman Lafiya da mujinta Lokaci daya ya gaya mata zai kara Aure da kawarta dakanan................

Patel Foram

How about agent FURY & Ironman.I feel like fixing

sheila orozco

There's a kid in my school who lies a lot.

If people don't like what she thinks the right action is to first try and change her mind and second try to understand why and if you can't handle it move on, not everybody thinks like you and some minds can't or won't change.

Ollie Craft

But... but... Guru :'<

J'Hue Casey

Still gotta draw your magic though...

Maxthisrank Beast

Not to be rude but half of these tricks look like its lazy


The legendery potato : Easter Egg reference potato

I don't want to love anymore but i can't 😭😭


Yung Smoothie

and i thought going lazer tag was awesome

Quin Crawford

Ty won put it on very slow playback speed and see for your self

ozax anggara hitha

Mission failed silver bullet failure to lunch

Colten Beerbower

Say speed sports 5 times fast

My dad yelled at me a lot and I was very scared of him,


Why would you make that beginning

Amy DiPreta


Владимир Гетманец

Игра интересная,но как по мне слишком простая, всё легко и быстро проходится, никакого хардкора... )

Speedy Sweeney

Savage putter me

Andrew Perkins

2:13 = fail high five :D


Pablo has a pig nose

Ashley Bastien

My gawd

DipSaus Fortnite

this is the best youtube channel like if you agree🏁🏳🏴🚩😙😃

Hi Defiance

The Dear Esther one creeped me the fuck out.

Büşra Uz

a witch

Marvin Terry

Her: There is never a risen for violence

Electron Aphic

i will cry now

Genesis 01

A small price to pay for salivation 😢

Jay Jay

I can probably beat the helicopter one because I’m pretty good at bombs

Enforcer Guy

FrozenRise of skyrim

Who agrees


Not even one was good.

Gamer 564

You else here is watching in 2019


Anyone notice the caption author? lol