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Karma Delaney

It’s powered eggs, we got them when I was a kid because we were getting government Native American food commodities growing up. They also fed it to us at school breakfast shits disgusting lol

Matthew Schultz

Cobe I’m sorry

Maysa B

i think you will make it :D

Ice Wallow come

You should have used screenshots in real life xD

like if you guys agree


First time I ever saw that mario easter egg. Can you do it more then once?

தீ ஐரோண்

This is not football

Clark Parry

Will Cory ever win a battle??


BlackMirror: Striking LeLe


Who is panda? 4:36

That's okay 'cause, baby, you...

Candy Ze queen

Loves how she uses the girl with glasses as some one who is less and i have glasses... AHHHH MY SELF ESTEEM HAS BEEN SHATTERED :'3


I have you in my game deadpool!

シNEON_ sukhraj

1:34 garret how u feelin?Garret: I feel like I have bubble gum diabetes

Dorothy vs Alice

Moises Zelaya

Lol WWE at the end O_o

Aubrey Dowless

No one: 👖

Read it backwards

Vinni 7


Derek Gravell

lol lol lol Cody got left hanging lol lol lol lol


I absolutely adore your style of editing. its spectacular!

Me:Youre making me unstable, so shut up-

Amy Osorio

i hate you

amor cunag


john lico

the matrix

That Random Player

Her: I lost my hair to cancer

Donald Johnson

The last one

Looks out of window

Petit Lweno

cool but i think i saw dt ball turn a bit lol

Dan VInceNT Garcia

Real life stick man basket ball