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French Band from Alsace, v good album !1.Artificial life4:542.Idiotic4:233.Video Chuck5:524.La chambre3:045.Bingo4:466.A Sad Tale1:487.Reality Show5:178.No Poem4:249.Love Loop5:2110.Le déluge (d'après moi)3:5011.Blue Velvet1:1512.John and Mary4:3513.Missing Shadow Blues4:2614.A Birthday6:11

Cheyanne Douglas

They should live in Canada healthcare is free

Marta Denise H.G.

Ok buen ritmo PERO para que glorificar ese tipo de vida? It's not something to be proud of to be broken, easy and into drinking and drugs. 🤔🤔🤔😐



Damian Cayaditto

9:01 I love that movie

si henry

1:20 new song of elsa😀😀😂😂😂


But Mattpat you have one small fact wrong. At least in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moons endgame their are several dittos that can transform into people

Aiden M



Wow that was amazing :D

I'm sorry...

Scruff Kmanjosh

Ohh thought it was jacky chan

julie ann Laag

0:04 is the funniest one XD

Max Leblanc

Nice vid but its hard to qualifie alice and alien colonial marines as horror games!

Beckay Shaw

I am stuck on a level in the camp

LiaX Center


Cole !

5:04 HOLY CRAP IS THAT A 727?!?!?!?

Bryan Sosbe

Team Coby for life

Indhukuri pushpalatha

Triple shot is copied from prabhas hero in bahubali movie 2 the conclusion

Sidney Ellis

Of all places I expected to see Pat Rothfuss, it wasn't here

Namish Bansal

rd 1-i'm so fancyRd 2-? Bonus-tell me what you wantAlso like for may 2019👇

Serhat yıldız

vay amınakoyim


That must have been a traumatizing experience. All I can say is that you can have a better future, it might go away soon, and that curiosity is not always good.

ElitEzzGaming Yt

PewDiePie must survive :)

Joshua Guthrie

Happy Gilmore

skyrim like minecraft, (notchs pickaxe in skyrim)

I'm so much better than you so I'll show you how worthless you are

Fiona MacWhinnie

"I failed two classes but ok"

Dr. Gonzo

Finally, been waiting as long as Irvine to take the damn shot at the end of disk 1.


My video for Black Ops 4: Blackout was deleted because it's pending approval by Activision. I'm working with them on it, and they told me they're still clearing it for publishing. It should be up next weekend.

Cumali Kocovali

Dude perfect)

April Keift

The bears

Pecos Nick

Used to be one of them?

Raminder Panag

And I thought their scores were being subtracted.....

jack smith

@KTribz real only somebody stupid would think its fake

Friends friends friends friends

Gabriel Evan the kid Navarro


Cole Hatheway

I could fish with clown costume


No its not, they had a shotgun in one of their other videos so this one is probably real.

Pyo fruta

This is so satisfying and inspirational to watch !!

Pat Hamlett

If dude perfect reads this I now that you were in mineola and we would like toyou have

Andy Wandy

What about the Easter egg video about bo4 blackout ?

Unlce_Knn E

Plz do bios hock infinite

Ariel B

11 shirts, turning 11, 11 min