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Directed by AR MurugadossProduced byK. KarunamoorthiA. SubashkaranWritten by AR MurugadossStarring VijaySamantha Ruth PrabhuNeil Nitin MukeshTota Roy ChowdhurySathishMusic by Anirudh RavichanderCinematography George C. WilliamsEdited by A. Sreekar PrasadProduction companyAyngaran InternationalLyca Productions

Chara Frisk

Everyone is so nice in the comment section toward Mary..... I wish when I was in Mary's shoes that I had people like this. .

NothingBut Amazing

Why wasn't the twins there



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Aamna khan

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tanuj mehta

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I haven’t watched the video and I hope she turned him gay what a hero.

Kathy Brown

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Mason Goodson

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Al Ven

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Heidi T

Thank you for this video!

Katie Romo

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3:07 PLEASE don't be doing that Clone Wars thing where the good guys inexplicably all have blue blasters and the bad guys have red.

Thomas Griffiths

I want this to be true... but as in all his video's he is too perfect ha!!

Hung Thai

car trick shot?

Kiki Thorn

Why not just pour some bleach into his water? Like if he wants to attack you just end him ^


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Moon Existed

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anthony James

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Elham Nusrat

If the story was of the woman...everyone would point the woman as slut...ughhh..the world is sooo cruel...

Natsuki Cutie

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