KAKA IN ROMANTIC MOOD काका कुमाणसी की सगाई

आखिर गाँव वालों ने सोची एक तरकीब और लेचले काका की सगाई करवाने

jessica F

Austins so sweet


Baseball steotypes

sopra 775

damn that half life 3 easter egg 🤔

via0405 I4R

You guys must have a lot of patience



and i would check it out the next day secretly....

Phantom Fox gamer

My favorite the New England Patriots five-time Super Bowl champs

That's technically true, but at the same time he was undiciplined and took advantage of his disability to get into trouble. But I really hate the sound of speaking shoes on the floor, it's like scratching nails on a chalkboard to me. While we were in gym class he kept bothering me so I took matters into my own hands (or my mouth rather) and spit on him. He had a cow and snitched on me. Guess who got detention for 3 days (me).

Veronica Nelson

I think Blake Shelton should be next duh.

jacques fortilus

Ally pop du k

Mohammed Aazib Hussain

Hey Dude, It would be great pleasure if you could send me that drone

Jeff Rhodes

Kidde pool

sofia sofianic

Why do come up in ever video? my mom told me that the boyfriend of my sister is offering us already for a psychiatrist, for the both of us, cuz my mom is mentally ill too Le he enviado una propuesta comercial a su correo. Si puede revisarla y decirme que opina.

Patrice Joseph

Mom addition

Chad Wright

Fun Fact: This kid played in Barney's Great Adventure singing and dancing with dinosaurs, but then he also played in Jurassic Park 3 hiding for his life from dinosaurs.


Giaguar TheRipper

Love your vids Bro!

ruthless_. badd

Ha New series only 1 ever made

Call Me By Your Name (the whispering, names, accents)

xd Alpha.

So... You make an entire video about it? WTF Again?

Skrt Skrt

6/7 2,938,895


@Bimber001 the audio in this video is mono, not can't "hear" the left side separate from the right, your comment doesn't make any sense.


Poor twins

Damp Toasters

I think it’s pretty funny how he had the the gun in the book bag


Wait i thinked this is ACTULLY HAPPEND channel...

Djnwordfistercottonpicker Ongod

I mean yours guru

Lorena Olvera

Almost everyone in the comments say hey have anxiety.... Me: call the police.


Cabin in the Woods part: You could also have mentionend the twins from "The Shining".

Big Heccin Woofer


maybe not...

AJ Mathiason

Have you guys ever missed a trickshot

Connor Koewers

Can you check out needy goon sting

Priscilla Gutierrez

Congrats on selling out guys!! Big accomplishment🙏👏🏻 How exciting for Catherine to meet her idol too❤️


As if my inner is telling me to change that habit of comparing myself to people and set goals like them lead me to despression but still I couldn't , I've tried so many times , I've tried to believe in myself but I couldn't :(( , I can't help but to compare

Dmitriy Barashkin

great sound, is it a guy or a girl?

institute larry

1:46 where are my beans

Keluarga Kita


Jerry yandel Gutierrez

Cool man cool man!!

maxi geering

no one:

Jack Natolino

Gerret ?????

Chloe the Pomsky

This is way better than

Mcr Tøp YEE

I have voices in my head like that...

set pop

Fishing 2018


I'm buying it :D

Jack Simmons

coby coby

ZeRo.To.HeRo And King Agar

Me and my friend we love you guys so much we have looked up to you since second grade, we always do trick shots at my park and some day we would like to meet some new people like us that look up to you. Thank you for what you do and keep doing it<3

Aj is Bald


Joseph Toledano

Sooo funny