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smilling black


Raina Mermaid

I needed this, thank you.

Lillee Lumsden I love this song

So bad I am sorry

Lacyn Duchesne

The almost same thing happened to my nan. The doctor called off her symptoms of a stroke before christmas and then on new years eve she had a type 5 stroke. She is only just learning how to walk and she is losing her memory.


How was it ONLY fired and sued!? Shouldn’t he have been put in jail for life sentence for sexual assault or SOMETHING!?

Baking with Judy

Who puts a restraining order on kids?


It might not be an easter egg, but one of the thugs on the ferry is Michael Mando, the guy who played Vaas in Far Cry 3, that's pretty cool :)


Wait...60 FPS from a 2012 video? Mind. Blown.


Keeper of Eurobeat


shyheem branch

DJ Khaled WTF

Martin Brunt

I appreciate the upload whenever and however far apart from the last.

Angel Pellot

Like this for tylerrrr

Mason & B

2019 anyone.

cherry coke

I'm homeschooled.

Diamond Rose

2:22 Hold up, a pro Ana bible???? Tf this is some sorta anorexia cult lmao 😂

Kieran Gallagher

The cabin in the woods easter egg is really fucking cool

A 1969 Mustang

This is fake I just tried it

Da SwaggerFish

It is almost 2019


DO another one of these is the "new" (newer) spacer

Sam Maltz

My favorite shot is vodka


we only watch for Shannon, and the last show we only watched for Steven A. Who here watching actually watches for a Skip Bayless opinion???

bluemonkey 201

You are my favorite easter egg hunter i have been watching ur videos and i love them keep up the work kid guru excelsior and nice jazz music

Andrew Cowan


Cory - 2996 Omg!I got CLICKBAITED!*


#YIAYjob You never told us, but she probably does something real good because you cant get expensive mics without a job

Cristal wolf

This really is true…

Jordan Purdham

You literally decapitated the poor fake deer lol. What Bucky ever do to you to deserve that kinda treatment lmao

Keegan Erwin

I think your the best YouTuber in the world👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sub for No reson

This was not a minute

what is coach from left 4 dead doing in another game?


In lft for dead 2 its a addon u get from workshop

Loren Nunez

I loved this so much!!

Austin Seely

Sun roof shot

rama aulia

Ntar bisa ngeliat hantu loh