Justin Trudeau Has Always Been Hot and Here Are the Pictures To Prove It! | TMZ TV - YouTube

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The question is, how many time did they spend trying to dunk the ball??

Dance Addict

Best ever YouTube channel only because of ty

Adam Demers

did anyone else notice at 3:00 the ball bounced out of the net, never seen that befor


matt terry

its a giant dill doe!!! and it is called the penitrator


am i the only one who found the background music a little loud?

Kermit Has The Infinity Gauntlet

It actually hurt when Tyler broke that stuff.

But when you kill him he says there must always be a lick king.


Sounds fake??

Ichy McOceanman

Gordon Freeman died trying to open half life 3

5 days ago (edited)

Ameer Abdullah

U should provide the bloopers in every video.


Game of Thrones vibes at the beginning

Reign Søul

Is this a real story? :^

Trent 7-1

Sounds like Jaden animations

Raditya Surya


Edu D

Bitch I'm crying

Nuwandi's Wolf gang

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Burglar: breaks in

Cat love ROBLOX

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sammee west

LIKE IF YOU ARE THE 500,000 person who watched this!


Did she not mean "I am a man living as a woman"???

RainbowTrout 13

Happy Late Holidays and a happy New Years.

Pedro H. Barbosa Gonzaga

At 4:15 there's a book called "American History Y". Probably a reference to the movie "American History X", it's pretty bloody, the main char (Edward Norton) is part of a neo nazi organization.

JohnnyBoi 2000

in the monster house one, on the bottom left, it said Dr Seuss cat in the hat. lol

Gabby Ruby

Its okay to be single...


Im the mood swing and the borrower XD ”im selling my golf clubs!” So reletable😂

Dance moms Electric

She said she doesn’t like kids but then she became a teacher?




this is so long ago

sammy asghar

when you look through those windows does it d that playback

FSL Krypt

21:40 is so funny lol

It's Kpoparie

I love instagram 💕

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