Jon Rudnitsky Talks Friend Zone with Reese Witherspoon In "Home Again"

“Home Again” is in theatres now. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Thursday, September 14, 2017.

Random Pez

The loud eater is soooo me

Tasnim Ahmed

Ok but you didn't fall in love at 3

Kaitlynn Henderson

This video was so funny 👍🏽😂

Stergios Steven Argyrakos

Still amazing looking

latricia kearse

Dallas Cowboys

sparkle sky 41


RJ Amesdra

I actually wanna see her now. She's probably not ugly.

Joseph Gaming21

When Cody was ice fishing they should have compared it to the eight to the fishing stereotypes

buffy 123


Kristina Bauziene

Lil Tjay: but wasnt this our song? :(

Kenneth Poh

Finally, we see a closure to the whole zombies story... Does that mean that there'll be no more epic zombie storylines? NOOOOOOOOO D:

3. Do what you want to do. Im cool with everything you do.

Claire Poremba

I am so confused

Grand Master Yoda

Great signs of respect, young Lowry showed

Alex Esquivel

Hello comment pewdiepie and like for the dude perfect


I love that they kept the menu the same, They didnt use those STUPID UGLY FF9 menus.

yagon bester

Seems like they got flower power

Nathan Turner

You look like megaman

Zainab A

No never quit purple hoser


The battlefield easter egg is kind of like the Halo Red vs Blue easter eggs

Damian Świda

Tyler Vs Garrett Final



Brady McCool

this is one of the greatest things ever caught on a camera in the whole world.... there's no telling how many times they tried before they got it but regardless, ...AMAZING!!!!

Hersin Rojas

2019 bros

krish 1866

They should do a front flip dunk

army titi



Lol when I stood up for my bully he was with a gang coming for my friend I shouted at them to leave him then he shoved me I almost fall I got very angry and punched him in the face then he got a broken teeth and a broken nose full of blood I almost got suspended but my friends came to help me they are a real friends


Supercell missed a hacker. He used 1 barbarian to attack a base literally across the ocean.

Speed Demon

Her personality is the most attractive thing about her

A Herwick

Me: just flat out dies

Nehama W

I'm very picky with prints but actually that 1st store is so cool.

Averi Arts

Want to see a joke

Jack Lewis

Hacker, you're level 69 and you have 94 skill points.

Corrupted Healthy


Cavee Ocelott



And no one is talking about how she showers for 2 hours

Candy Esparza

Si te gusta dame un like

Young SOSA

Happy Easter 😄

I don't know myself

F A I S A L - A L S H E H R I

f*** USA


why is he carrying a gun

Luis Alberto Mojica

Dang.... That's tough


Please don't stop now.

harrison lees

can u guys just do a normal golf game against eachother i think that would be cool and get some views

Asami Gacha

That rage monster with the subtitles/ captions on I died 😂

Grant Niles

Pretty much same here #aspergersgang

Alexandros Aleuth

2 days ago I saw Night at the Museum  and it reminds me  the game  5 Nights at the Freddy's

Generic Fire Dude

I always love your videos 👌


at 5:30 this easter egg is to find the first UFO above mt chilliad. the ufo on the bottom means find all the ufo parts and make the car the cracked egg means crack the case abou the serial killer the as you said "jetpack" is actually a man in scuba gear so you have to find all the waste under water. so pretty much means 100% the game than come back to find the ufo.

Will Mazurkiewicz

2:40 this isn’t knife throwing trick shots is it?