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'lovers when it's cold' is taken from jack strify's debut album ILLUSIONnow available on• iTunes amazon google play spotify video for lovers when it's cold was directed by bonnie strange, co-directed by candy ken, filmed and edited by marcel gothow© all rights reserved 2015© membran music entertainment/schubert music agency© stryfko

T MoneyTCG

When will part 2 come out

XXXTentacion Fan

The Bears should draft him!

thecrow 256

The Hitman's easter egg is just plain sad :(

Byte Nation

Am i the only one seeing the trending tab?

Commander Doom

may be fake

Electric 788

This is very accurate🤣😂🤣😂

Peke_flow.oficial Peke flow

Demasiado sentimental 😖😫💔

Jeff Stevens

That looks naughty


If you want to sell yourself for presents or money, become a sugar baby 🙄

Stop talkong about the neck

Alfonso Figueroa



So many people in the comments are like "I can't tell Coby and Cory apart" and I'm just like "Flip you!"OK... Sorry... I'll stop now

khawar hussain

Thermite... and that's how they bought down the 911 world trade centres ladies and gentlemen

Dragon slayer club productions Llaguno


deadb4t 0

I've been in a similar situation as your ex boyfriend. I was really anxious and had never been in a relationship, plus Im trans which made it even more difficult. I liked a girl but never really had the guts to tell her eventhough she kept dropping hints. At some point I told her and we started a relationship. I was very shy in the beginning but she learned me how to be more confident and how to be in a relationship. I got more frustrated because she refused physical contact and affection for a long time and didn't like being sexually intimate while I wanted to. I learned to deal with that frustration though and it got a lot better over the years and we're still happy together.


This gave me goosebumps in 32° weather

Barbara Babzi



That's why :

bonjon eebu san


Adam Bien

What made you stick to Easter eggs over the many other things you could do?

Annko R

That music is really cool! Thanks

RiSe Typhoon

Office stereotypes!

Mean Neighbor

I don't like the sound design of the plungers pls get a new engineer

I’m not gay I promise

Watching the Edward scissorhands part made me cry.

Rudy=Robotics love

Dinesh Summun

Is the airplanne yours

I tripped in front of my crush

fazle haq

Exept tyler

Matthew Chan

I got it

Bananar08 YT

The jump truck looks sick as dude like if u argree


0:34 MF DOOM Rhymes like dimes


"Looks like that's nothing special"

Paula Tobon

He missed at 3: 35 look closely it co Es back out

Jordan B

oh my god I live in Orlando too

Lule Vuk

Hail mary=aaron rodgers shot

widya evin

Jungkook kesayangannya semua orang... Lovely lovely lovely..

Comments= trick shots

Haley Mcdaniel

I used to watch you guys ALL THE TIME and I miss you guys so much cause y’all are soooo funny!! btw my parent’s worked at roadhouse and now they are working at outback!!!lmao. My mom is a server and my dad is a cook. (They work at the one in Leesburg ,Florida )


double rainbow all the way aross the skyhihi what does it MEAN?!!?

moses jerico

Harden the foul guy

Juan Pablo

Hell yuh

Jax the queen

6:04 cody laughs like elmo

White Bread

Easter eggs in easter eggs. We have to go deeper XZibit intensifies


Well, Guru, your channel is by far one of the best I have ever seen.The quality of your videos mixed with the unique connection with your viewers is simply amazing. I have recently started making my own gameplay/movie review videos and the way I see your channel is progressing is one of my biggest motivations to keep on doing my thing. I wish you all the best for the forthcoming years, keep up the marvellous work and I am sure to be coming back to your channel for more.


dude perfect can you make a skateboard video

Edita Naunčkiene

Why does garrett have a english accent

Dimple Dubey

WTF why cartoons 😭😢I want real heroes make endgame 2 miss all avengers Tony 😭 Steve 😢😑😑😑😑😑😑😑