Instrumental Music Fausto Papetti 1 (unlocked copy) - YouTube

Et Maintenant - 00:00:00Histoire D'O - 00:02:16I'll Never Fall In Love Again - 00:06:05No Vivir Sin Ti - 00:08:36A Whiter Shade Of Pale - 00:12:10Amado Mio - 00:15:05Amore Scusami - 00:17:35Emmanuelle - 00:20:25Feelings - 00:23:43Scandalo Al Sole - 00:27:13Soleado - 00:29:53Somwhere My Love - 00:33:35Strangers In The Night - 00:36:05Unchained Melody - 00:38:41Wonderland By Night - 00:41:19Non Credere - 00:43:43Blue Moon - 00:47:04Cercami - 00:49:23Georgia On My Mind - 00:52:06Greensleeves - 00:54:40Harlem Nocturn - 00:57:24Love Story - 00:59:39Pagan Love Song - 01:02:33Summertime - 01:04:53Danny Boy - 01:07:14Love Me Tender - 01:09:30Mare Incantato - 01:12:12Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - 01:15:09Forever And Ever - 01:17:32L'amour S'sen Va - 01:20:22San Francisco - 01:22:32Sleep Walk - 01:25:28Stand By Me - 01:28:17The Green Leaves Of Summer - 01:31:53Tuff - 01:34:06Estate Violenta - 01:36:36Je T'aime Moi Non Plus - 01:39:07La Decadanse - 01:42:58Angelita Di Anzio - 01:46:46Born Free - 01:49:25Cinque Minuti E Poi - 01:52:00Ciumachella De Trastevere - 01:54:31I Miei Giorni Felici - 01:57:23Il Faut Savoir - 01:59:37In Ginocchio Da Te - 02:02:00La Ragazza Con La Valigia - 02:04:40Tracy's Theme - 02:07:24Legata A Un Granello Di Sabbia - 02:09:55Perfidia - 02:12:15Song Sung Blue - 02:14:30Gabbie - 02:17:00Kon Tiki - 02:19:06El Bimbo - 02:21:01The Sound Of Silence - 02:23:19El Condor Pasa - 02:26:46

maddy stimeling

I have severe asthma so I know what it feels like all of this it's too relatable☹

Corissa Dorethy

That blue (ties different) dress at 10:29 had some serious Khalessi vibes

"Well.. ok you must have" Asma

Lulu Oliveira

the following lyrics contain explicit language:

naikie 123

Those boats are sooo fast!

NTS Azazel

DP comment sections are absolute trash

Lil_Kermit 20

In the football round Coby should've won by default since he was the only one that made at least one football in

London Paige

When I was in 1grade I got bullied by 3 5th graders then I got bullied by 3 more people in second grade and one of them kick me in my eye that's when I told my dad and my dad ran down there to yell at the principal

J Patch

Filipino mom's be like : study hard son and get good grades. Whenever I talk about grades etc and all that my mom just bursts out laughing I'm like bruhh I thought your suppose to support and listen not laugh. If I was a father man I'd apply all that said in this video cause I know as a child a few of these happened to me.

This school should have been closed down.

WolF Films

What is the font? :3

chicken finger butt h o l e

Go team corey

you worked at a coffee shop

Kat Scones


Shæne Dões Stuff!

How is this man alive?He’s over 100 years old!

I'm Keishla

“Can I take it off?”

ZD’s ADVENTURES The master player

Hey guys guess what today is my birthday


Hi is cute♥

mon x6

this is the amount of tvs TY has broken|


Tyler looks like hank pym

the L

Beat my meat if you dare

fortnite guy

My cousin's thumb got broke and my finger are nearly broken as well

Frank Webb

Anyone here after Gronk retired

uthaya sooriyean

When you are eating pizza why a plate wasn't upside down


the music makes it epic. :D

Norma Rostro

Pandas shots and dance was awesome and rulers shot were cool to

Ott-Eduard Aste

Wow 100 million views...0.0


For the Mario one I found that on my own but I found it by falling through the map

Rashatalip Gazal

They aren't hurting anyone by staying in there so why kick them out ??


What kind of sword is it?

The boy Who laughs