Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of London

After looking inside the lives of the rich kids of Singapore, Russia, Iran, Dubai, Japan and South Korea, see how UK's young and rich are living it up!Subscribe: your envy-spree here:Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Japan The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of South Africa The Lives Of The Royal British Family The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Australia rich kids of London live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, so thank goodness they’ve got lots of money to enjoy it to the fullest. They love to show the rest of us just how much they enjoy it too, with their social media posts. But these pictures are actually landing their parents in big trouble. You’ll find out why when you follow us as we head inside the lives of the rich kids of London. The Rich Kids of London Instagram account documents the lives of these privileged youngsters living in England’s capital city. The likes of Dave Sullivan and Chloe Khan fly in private jets, have supercars and generally live the high life. These rich kids love sharing photos of their fancy wheels outside expensive stores like Harrods, five star hotels like The Dorchester, and exclusive nightclubs that the young British royal family members like to party at such as Mahiki. But all this flaunting of wealth on Instagram is causing some problems for their millionaire and billionaire parents. Financial investigators are using social media posts to identify assets that have been hidden, and fraudsters are using information freely shared online by the rich kids to hack their email accounts and commit cybercrime. It’s a fascinating world once you step inside, and we’re doing just that. From private school problems to the “peasant” put-downs, we’re exploring it all. Watch our video to go inside the lives of the rich kids of London, and tell us in comments what you think about them all.


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