EXCLUSIVE - [Official] 90 MIN - LARVA- Season 3 Episode 53 ~ 104 (Final)

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an originalone

I struggled with something simalar. I had terrible anxiety, began to develop depression, and had to be homeschooled. It was really hard to trust my therapist, but now I do, I can go in public again, have hobbies again, feel alive. No matter how worthless you might feel, just know that you will feel better, maybe not today, but soon.

Jonathan Graham

Drew Breeze looks like a guy you have beer with like a best friend

Firegod Friends

Jasepi like if I spelled wrong :) Me: Panic! At The Disco.

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The meme stealer territory, Instagram

The only reason I kinda care about what people think about me is because of the social/normal anxiety. I’m seeing a therapist on that issue so it’s ok. it just means that I want to not talk to people and not be noticed. When I am noticed I mentally freak out and when I’m put on the spot, in a very pressure filled and unfamiliar situation, or am touched to much I have panic attacks.



Lil Lily 510

Damn...well anyway it looks dope

NorAisah Abdul Samad

Toy Story (1995)

Anna Parsons

Watching this in 2017 ty looks like over the years he got skinner


There are more views than subscribers , like if you see this .


I usually shower once or twice a week.. Don't call me gross it just takes me +1 hour to wash myself and I usually don't have time because of school and homework.


In the german version Harley sings "Sleep little baby, don't wake up. Mr. J's enemies, yes I will slash them up." In german words it's a rhyme.


Did anyone else notice that they put doens't instead of doesn't?

SHIKHAR NEOGI: A New Beginning

The best was when he was sliding down the escalator

XDanceXx Msp

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Billy Bob Joe

was what a catch?


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I love this video

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I think you forgot about Jack Napier in the Waldo moment... if you don’t get what the references too than look up his name without the Black Mirror context. You’ll be surprised

Super Billy Channel

+1 if you watch it in 2019

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So cool

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ty and arrow shots