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Check out the official music video for "Mr. Misunderstood" by Eric ChurchPurchase Eric Church’s latest music: the latest from Eric Church: up to receive email updates from Eric Church: video by Eric Church performing Mr. Misunderstood. © 2015 EMI Records Nashville#MrMisunderstood #Vevo #Country

- Kim

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One like equals one more wink from Cory 0:28

Abel Jain

the amount of crazy vide.....i love it 😍


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Caleb Molina

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Pickle Person

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I can't afford this game sadly. I present this game with the "So expensive that I don't even fucking try to get and probably has too good graphics for my poor little computer." Award of 2015.


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Hi. I have Autism and ADHD. I'm in middle school and the topics that kids talk about don't interest me. So I'm almost completely seperated from how they think and act which causes no one to want to work with me.


Another great video! This was better than all the others especially because  Fallout: New Vegas is my all time favorite game! Keep it up!

Sadhan Saha

Facebook's story

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One Grumpy Cat

I Did not know about that one with projectors

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