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Wade Gunderson

2000 shots later

doglover 123

I wana be like her idk abou me now must care of studying and books now the new me is comming back when i am successful bye! (New favourite person sooo inspired by her)


Tyler making the 60 yard shot

Jack Daniels

the fuck did i just saw ? 0:43 ?


The last one was the best!!!


I didn't hear the ladies say no

Cat Lady Lover

I just had a T-series advertisement lol


Ok so I know the story is bad but when it get to the therapist bit on the door above it it says “ The Rapist” not “ The therapist “ I thought to point that of. Bye

kanji crimson

Punishment does not hurt the kid there is a difference between punishment and mental or phisical abuse not punishing a kid leads to a braty ass lump of shit. Dont over punish them in other words don't punish for small ass shit like tripping, getting something wrong. You have to say no when it comes to some things but not dreams. Don't compare. Btw sometimes videos like this gets parents confused thinking that they should make a piece of shit as a child aka a fucking brat. Don't force them into your dreams.

Seriously iam not joking

350 z

Part 2!!!

Time Is Money

Plot twist: Was actually my BBC.

Luiz Fernando Biscaro Correa



Which one is coby,cory and cody?

7. Drednaw

Owen Mcfry


Cal Morrison




. I Will Remember You

Chris Valder

there is also some unique dialog with the plumber

Mr.beast: oh here is you money

Kevyn John


Your mom is a strong woman..

kawaiicat303 _

I get headaches that are awfully painful. My eyes burn and I begged my mum to gouge my eyes out.

ARMY- girl

😭 i’m so proud 😭😭

Escarlet Casilla


riccardo zigno

skrillex's parents >_>

Samed Erdem

CM Punk ? 1:21


Love how trusting Gareth was at 0:8Like if Garrett is you favorite


2:38 I never Gordon Ramsay played ball.... lol


sure did SADISTIC af

Element Punk

As it stands, this looks good. But I honestly don't feel like we need another retread. If this game starts from Dragon Ball all the way to Super, then they would be fucking epic.

Asad Zee

Hahahaha 😂😂😂 I love the way this video is made. Particularly the Woman’s voice.👍👍👍💕💖💞

Ryde Mk

I knew it from the start

Sophie Pauline

I'm a introvert and my name is Sophie like her lol

Elizabeth Rados

I could make ty laugh heres a joke my freind said what rymes with orange I said no it dosent.

E Hu

what oh my god

Ethan ward

Duke is the goat

Joan van Helvoort

i'm a tomboy, but no ones believe me at school...

Laxmi Varshney

Coby won again

Julia Duong

If Dude Perfect were to play basketball they would just throw the ball from the other side of the court. But it takes a few tries.

Guilshad Joseph

Producer: yo you wan want it to be more adult?😐Director: yeah that sounds about itProducer: but were Disney Director: go watch the hunchback of Notre dame

Dawson Scott

Anthony can you pls get back in smosh

PXM Gaming

6:00 Is that a Pontiac Aztek?

Andrew Erickson

Like children in alone in a candy store