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connor costa

For the phantom bow "Easter egg" you need premium(which I have) and for part 2 I destroyed 3 boxes before giving up and getting someone else to open it for me

below zero

a really good tip for stealth is not to over think it just fuckin go with it like don't plan it just fucking go for me anyway XD


1:38 ill give you 50 more if you dunk from there

Draxx Gaming

You need a pet...such as a dog or a cat... you know what you guys are rich get a dinosaur

A long break.

Old School

Not a single American interviewed? This happened in New York, USA, right?

Too young for a 17 year old

Trick Shot Time

Christmas came early


Goku goes super saiyan? Wow thanks for the spoilers

Tauno Kekkonen

I love how Garrett seems like he hates being part of a multi-million dollar franchise.

Crystal_Wolfie Paw

Is cody and cory twin brothers

Like if you see purple

Rad Kev

Best channel on YouTube. Keep it up, and here's to another year of Easter eggs!


What do you mean by 'Unused' ?

Zach Lloyd

Nacho Libre!!! Hell yeah

Harbinger Ace

I... Tried... They.... Blow...... Up.......

Elliot Wright

4:02 "you sit on a throne of lies you scumbag

Alex Down

King of Random did a video of how to properly do it

Akram Sabik

GG dude :)

I'm serious. We don't need that here. I woke up a Christian today.


You should go to Alaska next👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Galaxiagamer Wofly

Who,s behind the panda (U~U

Taco Boi

Dude perfect make a just best bloopers of all time

Series - The Animated Cinema

I loved my adopted parents and then wanted to hate them

Corey Motter

You do such awesome work with these videos!!!!!!!

Mohammed Eid

2019? Anyone


The thumbnail lol

Olivia Grillo

You should let go of a balloon and follow it with a drone to see where it goes

lets me see the adult joke... Funny Universe Cat Killer

Intezzz Fatexx

the fps is very strong with this one

Poutine cat 103


Pink Pixie

Did Disney not make enough money this year because they're literally releasing movie after movie..

Gucci gang

Jay Wolfe

Hey! I had an idea recently , a theory on my favorite show “The tick” on amazon prime , what is the tick? As it is never clear in the show and I think if anyone can figure it out you can ^^ also the tic is a great show

eXpReSs yOuR dEpReSsIoN

Girl listen up if people call u fat just say ”I AINT FAT, IM THICC”

Karina Loves Billie Eilish

Now im VERY scared of cancer. Especially the vomiting because I have the biggest fear of vomiting


Yet another classic Guru video, thanks man!

Curt Adrian Guerrero

keep always your vids for us plss we always suport all your videos

her:its in my bag

Julian Sanchez

That last one looked like A115

Sherlock Holmes90

I have a theory, that you just invent stories because u drawing

Shadow black pastel shenron

How is the title related to the video there was no plot twist saying that she was her real mom

Major Gaming

Anyone want to help each other

Bailey Clark

Who’s filming?

punches computer

Amin Naim

fucking great video man


Lelia Trammel

My anite had a stilborn


Under Pandas mask 3:10 U can see hair and skin look closely.

Winter Ace

am i the only one who thinks that CoD finest hour had the best easter eggs

Salem S

marbles looks.....DAMN fine in a dress

Oliver O'Brien

Get Air is soooo much better than Skyzone