शनि का इंद्र को दंड

MAIN SOURCE: SHANI MAHATMYADaya Shankar Pandey as Shani DevResearch and Story : Ram GovindTitle Song : Ravindra JainStory and Concept : Prem Sagar, Sagar Arts, Story DepartmentBackground Music : Surya Raj Kamal, Vijay Raj KamalArt Director: Mukesh KalolaEditor: Shams Mirza, Abhay SinghCinematographer : Ajay ChouhanExecutive Producer: Vijay PradhanSuperimposing producer : Ashok SinhaDirector of Department : Vijay Apte, Suryakant Chotliya, Shailendra ThakurMusic : Surya Raj KamalHead of Production : Manohar PandyaScript and Screenplay : C. L. SainiSong : Pandit Kiran MishraCreative Head : Rajesh SethiAssistant Creative Head: Satyam SinhaEpisode Director : Rakesh DubeyAssociating Producer : Rekha ChawlaDress : Nisha SagarCo-Producer and Director Special Effects: Jyoti SagarProducer : Subhash Sagar, Anand SagarCreative Producer: Shiv SagarDirector: Prem Sagar

utah wanderlust700

Interview 4 millenials and 3 of them said "like" at least once where it wasn't necessary. Typical.

Swati Singh



Alex Brescia

Rug: don’t go to your local movie theater and do this

Pure White

Dislikes: 24kComments:24k Who are these haters.


can anyone tell me why these people are so popular and why 30,000 people want to go see them? this is a legitimate question lol. why do people like them so much?




is ty just said hardy boyz(wwe)???



Carolyn Sanchez

3:30 what a great sport lol


3016 any one

Isaac Williams

go brodie

Toyang Santos

What the fuck are those abnomally large eyes

Maddie Paige

Can you review the Melt Cosmetics pallets?! I’m wondering if they’re as good as the stacks!


both vu missions are on both systems it's a secret!

Cameron Smith

Do Payday 2


That kisses are fake it can't be that easy

Yvonne Martinez

You guys have come so far & I'm just so proud. I felt the need to express my happiness for you both💜💜💜🌊🐙

Sana Iftikhar

If the super cool twins lose still i well spote them and ty is stupid

Ayanda Zantsi

This is A Dope Track..

Odie Callanga

I can't stop smiling all throughout the video.

Liam and the Zits


James Agabin

That's not 2 cross because the soccer ball hit the side of soccer ball watch carefully


They really just put the cod zombies theme in frozen. Lmao

romeo perez

It was funny when Cory screen like a girl

Brian Gordon

Like for cobs

Vinay Marripelly

The Twin Brothers always lose at first two rounds

aarti sharma

Gold diggers saying i aint like other hirls

Mellow kika :3

Strange when i born, i have too the cord on my neck


Stephen King

That really helped because I have 10 out of 12 things from autism

We Are Rip City

Anybody else notice the blonde guy is eye to eye with Melo??

Claudia Nemes Nagy's true


I'm only between 5'5" and 5'6" and my best friend is 6'2". She is always yelling at me for walking too fast.

Vortex 9

Isn't it werid that ty never goes to wheel unfortunate because he is ned

Alexis Vlogs

i bought a new ear phones and in just three days the left ear phone dosent have a sound i throw my cp then this is the new one

Mahendra & Company

That was eggcelent


you guys have 1 BALL doesn't that get annoying chasing it every time you miss it and then throwing it back and forth to the guy shooting! lol you guys have a lot of patience but mad skill!


Great video, but how do you feel about the game? Kind of disappointed personally.

Mckenna Dolan

Honey, I have a C- in pe.


Imagine shooting a person out of that

Emjay Mendez

Fans can be fickle, just move on...yet so hard to do because each of these fighters from top to bottom go at great lengths to perform in front of all us. They do not deserve these boos.