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- This custom home theatre system in Los Angeles was designed by DSI Entertainment Systems. It features a Stewart Filmscreen "Director's Choice 2.0" 4-way motorized masking screen technology known as "PMI 2.0", developed by Anthony Grimani of PMI Ltd. What makes this solution so unique is that it gives you MAXIMUM SCREEN SIZE for both HDTV viewing and watching widescreen "scope" movie formats. Without this solution, you have to choose a compromise...maximize for HDTV or movies, but not both. Not anymore!This home cinema is controlled via two different Crestron is a 15" TPS-15 built into a motorized pop-out console between two of the theater seats, and the other is a 6" TPS-6X wireless touch panel to use when roaming around the room or sitting in any one of the many Fortress Seating theater chairs.Other features of this amazing home theatre system include a JBL Synthesis THX surround sound system, a Crestron video processor that can show up to 4 different images on the screen simultaneously (see this video: a Digital Projection Inc. Titan projector with motorized zoom and auto-focus, D-Box motion simulation for the theater seats, a Kaleidescape movie/music server with Blu-ray playback, four HD DirecTV satellite DVR's, two Xbox 360's, one Playstation 3, one Nintendo Wii, and a separate reference-quality Marantz Blu-ray player.This is about as good as it gets when it comes to a high-performance and versatile home theater!Michael Fehmers was the system designer responsible for the audio/video design for this beautiful theater. DSI Entertainment Systems may be reached at 866-692-8489 (866-MY-AV-GUY), or through our website at You can download a free whitepaper about the "Top 6 Must Know Home Theater Tips" from our 'whitepapers' section of our website.The home theater's interior design is by Elaine Culotti of Porta Bella Design.

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