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Damn, you've come a long way mr. Guru. Fight on!

clayton bertoia

You should try to find easter eggs in alan wake

Desert Eagle


Moocha-Scoot With a Bookscooter

In the first easter egg, I thought that was Coach from Left 4 Dead. I thought he was going to say "My friends call me Coach"

tina poole

You guys are awesome so I subbed and notified you


Emma Hughes

THIS IS A TERRIIIBBLLLEEE IDEA ..... sea walls cause more coastal erosion


... I facepalmed so many times I got a dent in my skull. Good video though. ... I'm gonna go to the emergency room now I hear some kind of liquid rushing.

All is not needed to watch but also listen to noises, sounds , alarms, etc....very minimalistic details that are used a millions by now .

scott šzabo

Ron Artest would be throwin hands LoL

Dark Rooms

Uh guys. you know these are fake right. Right. 😐

Grand Sane Games

Zeke backup kicker for cowboys

Katia Santos

Olá eu quero ir pra sua casa baibaichau para sua casa

Joshua Cassin

the hole in 1 golf shot was crazy

Sydney My Sweet

My friend wrote that. He is really sick and he misses school for MRI and checkups

maria gutierrez

My sis was in a dance group folklórico and she was pregnant 2 or 3 months without her knowing lol so yes it’s okay to excerise lol

Aidan Felix

lucky shot


Totally at kanakuk

Ana Mtz

You should of slapped him.👌👌


Born in 1964 and has a very young 15 years old like voice wow


Sputnik Zwei

Yesh, Rainbow Six! My favourite game after Half Life c: