How PS5 vs Xbox Scarlett Will Play Out Next Gen; Early Specs, Games, Features, Potential Price!

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Aaron Schnitzer


Duc Duong

What are you guys doing


How do you find small Easter eggs in games do fast and than find the source of the origin and have time to upload a video about it


8.30 when it say star wars its not star wars it is spaceballs go to my channel and you see a vid where i show the clip from the movie

Harry P

I knew it was checkers


The word "No" made me into a billionaire

JK McClaren

That’s it? That’s what this was all about? The way Lowry was talking about it, I thought the guy really shoved him. That was pretty mild. Sure, the guy was being a jerk, but so what? I’ve had worse happen to me at my kids softball game... My reaction would’ve been, “It’s sports, things get heated. No one was hurt. I’ll accept an apology if offered, otherwise I’m not losing any sleep.” Seems like a lot of folks are clutching their pearls.

Jon Silva

"Lets go hot tubbing, I want to kiss you"

Luis ortiz

lets go cobyyyyyyyyyyy


6:03 can I get a rip for cobys hand shake

Bronson Pike

Lol! Made me laugh are you as excited as me? Ps COD is dying

Kyle Costello


Angel The Alpha

My dad is also a alcoholic......😞😞😞😞 (thinks of the bad things he does) 😨😨😨😨 😫😫😫😫 😭😭😭😭

laura peña

Your voice is super soothing


I’m sorry, but this really seems like a Catfish story 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jordan Ramsey

Tyler does look like a cheeseburger

The Hall Holdings

I got finding nemo right


labron jaaames

33 Southy

Stop bitching about the Fans.......without em you have no UFC.....

jhon velez

2:04 Bichtofen XD, ok no...

that's not healthy



Andrew Folmer

Gold digger she's a gold digger don't ever date this type of person if they're only out there just to get money and all that don't take them because guess what they're going to break your heart like I don't even know about they're going to break your heart

Dad:Omg how could you think I could ever cheat on your mom How little do you think of me?


Inelligible reciver downfield. The center.


You beat another one : you got the most world records in a day

Andrea Rivera

You can tell this video is mad scripted & fake. They definitely changed & im not fw it.

Kyle Bradford



im a tom boy

Mo Amin

Generic trash

Alexander Schodlok

I hate anime

MJ Awesome Macy

Why did you cut her hair

Liam McAlpine

Go Cory

Ayham Haddadeen

I have been watching you for 2 years

Luis Gonzalez

English is not even my first language, and I certainly did not attend to an American Teaching Program, and I got right every flashcard from the English part, whilst they got most of them wrong. I-

James Tordecilla

Tijuana Piranhas 2020. Make it happen Adam Silver

Monique Walker

Lele can you give me a heart plz and good work on the vid

Emily Loves Anime

My parents and I are still fighting, and we will continue fighting

Vicki Wood

Dude like me 😸😺😻😽😿👐🤝👊🏾🤟

harshvardhan singh

The heck?


0.50 is my best

Just Some Guy with a Mustache

breaks case (I didn’t watch it yet btw)

Michael Miller

Your my favorite coby

Marshall J

I cried at the end ....dang it