How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

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Now I have a different girlfriend, who I talk to almsot everyday, we are very close, but I still can't stop thinking about my old girlfriend and her actions. Her hurtful actions still continue to this day.

Make Waluigi final boss in Smash

#YIAYjob strip club obviously

Angela Peterson

Garrett had the coolest rocket


do part 2

Hana c

the art is great

Cynthia Utti

Is that the secrets to trials evo? If it is, trials is a BBBBBIIIIIIGGGGG clue. So trials is like a key to secrets in the world?

cindy esposito

the dp ones

Me: cant relate

Escape From Tibet



That chocolate milk looks delicious

Jasper Caparas

Half life GABEN no duh

lylah stroud

...don’t they speak Irish in Ireland?


Cameron Hards

MASKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! OR SOCK!!!!!

Snapped And Snatched

Wow and I thought me injuring myself in my sleep was weird?

Untitled Target

Congratulations Ethan and Hila! Makes you wonder what people 300 years had to deal with without all this tech doesn't it?

Altijd Sjors

I am from 🇳🇱

Gabrielle Schurig



Christmas does not start in september in the philipines

Toddy Kwest

Back in the day, before all the wanna be's

Shannon Floyd

Round 1 I'm so fancyRound 3 work

Dilan Lahiru

9.11 long video?! Hmmm....

newbies gaming

Imagine if someone or somehow the CD broke

L’OM Droit au but

North Korea:a prison in Hell

kentinn dbd

Wouuuwww 174 M watching 😮😮

Gregory Parker

Dang it’s almost like the dads are less awkward then tall guy

My name is chloe too

Girl: wtf no

John McKee

Casual balk on the first one... :))

Daryl Paul Guillermo

super hot

U may feel like a woman but face it ur a man

Rafay Sultan

then u guys have to be in olympic

MWB Gaming

In that situation, your best bet is to find the tail fin of the aircraft and stay near it

Hailey Teasley

Are they working with Kojima because I'm still confused and this is the 2nd trailer

G Ortenzo

Film with Antonio Brown please!!🙏🏼