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Buy "People Keep Talking" on iTunes: October 14Hoodie Allen - "Movie" (Prod. by RJF & Parrish Warrington)Director: Jackson AdamsStarring: Hoodie Allen & Bryana HollyProduction Company: Steel Wool MediaDirector of Photography: Alan GwizdowskiProduction Designer: Emily GrantProducer: Bradford Simpson1st Assistant Director: Drew Saplin1st Assistant Camera: Daniel GarciaGaffers: David Cronin and Adam LeeKey Grips: Sean McQueen and Shan LiljestrandBest Boy: Justin BernardEditor: Joseph ShahoodAssistant Editor: Kyle HaleyColor and VFX: Alan GwizdowskiMixing and Recording: Dylan McDougleHorns arranged by Miles Arntzen, performed by Jas Walton and Raymond MasonMusic video by Hoodie Allen performing Movie. (C) 2014

Ashley Weidner

How in the world does her daughter have orange hair

panchi shah

Oprah winfry


I don't understand the point of this video. Why is it so strange? Isn't this how everyone feels?

Marci Hays

Panda face reveal PLEASE??????

Kartika Zaini



Awesome video but you did miss some of the witcher 3 easter eggs


0:27 DJ khaled, i found funwithguru easter eggs :D

Hallo So this is a message to all my fellow anxious people out there.

kelly registe

been jamming this all weekend, still going

DreiChants Pro


Dat One Guy

Ok guru you got me XD I thought he was actually going into the game and then had a theory that was right... until he said "or some bullshit like that I really don't know" XD

Griffin Grimes

Yoooooooooooo check out my bball trickshot vids. Ballin up basketball trick shots 1 and 2

Senad Ferati

che tiro che ha fatto con il vortex nerf cita 100, 120

Gerson Cuevas

"Panocha Agave nectar"

Game Playaz

Congrats Gar!!


Flip yourself


God why is Ksi so cringey

Henry S

ive gone to the pool that micheal phelps swims in. im in baltimore. he grew up 5 mins from my house

ReallyJustForFun !!

That water looks soo nice


Adullam Outreach

y'all inspired me to do sports channel and it is a big hit.


Why is the purple hoser wearing Lime green

, some included in this video

LumidaSky G A C H A

no you woke up as beverly marsh

Noe Martinez

In Watch Dogs Legion London is.... London

Blake Vann

1:08 look at the clouds



Kitty Lover

I love watching all this, but ik I can never do anything like this, even if I try so hard all I do is get stressed I can't even pass a measly exam despite working so hard and my parent's working their ass off to get me basic necessities and some extra things like tuition

David Candia

😈so ckaredchikin


Get playboi carti !!


very nice;)


dat old halo nostalgia

Szyminator xd

Ktoś z polski?

Rapids yt

The day chandler wins pewdiepie gets 100mil

B Squad

I can not come to L.A

Afrika Rising

White people look like neanderthals. Must be because they are descended from them.

Kierley Miss

Giant golf


Cold insides and itchy body plus depression sounds like anxiety to me tbh.


That one kid with the goggles

Anime Girl



There's something you missed on the side op 'Intel Operative Rescue', when you rescue Kojima, he would say something different based on your performance in the mission.

Bensa Lenkkari

Real Musk omg Can you add Japanese, France movies and TV Shows?

Alicia Ross

I never knew Peter Griffin would give me tingles. Also, I love The Little Princess! That is one of my favorite childhood movies.

Legi Regi

I found the uncharted Easter egg yesterday by myself

1000 subs with no vids

bot or human?

He will treat u like queen


2:54 is that egg on. The ground

This has been a pretty crazy year for me on Youtube, with a video I made getting over 4 million views in a few months and the huge increase in subscribers I've gained this year, it's been pretty amazing. Thanks to everyone that's supported me and my videos, whether you started watching from the beginning or only this year, it means a lot that you take your time to watch my videos. Hoping for a great 2014. Thanks for Watching.


I’m so thankful to this video




Something interesting I haven't seen anybody else point out: The green/blue color is NOT that of Sheikah tech, corrupted or otherwise. Sheikah technology, throughout BotW, was consistently a light blue or magenta if corrupted. You know what is consistently that green color? The magic of the Twili! So it could be the twilight getting involved again, or ancient interloper magic, or even just Nintendo settling on a redesign of the look of Sheikah magic... but it's intriguing.


Julio Jones

Taylor provan

the bullies should die not you you are great


First doge meme ever used in the history!