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DreamboundHollow FrontSong: Still LifeAlbum: ‘Still Life’ (June 29, 2018)Hometown: Grand Rapids, MichiganWebsite: Life' Pre-Order Bundles: ________________________________ Label: Beckwith RecordsWebsite: sinking, I'm sinkingI don't know what the hell I was thinkingMy past mistakes are draped in my shameI never thought I'd be in my twentiesHoping desperately to amount to somethingMarking down the daysWill these things ever change?Or will they stay the same? So here I amWith my heart in my handsSearching for the chanceTo be something moreI fear that it's goneAnd I've tried my best to hold onBut I'm slipping nowWith no one to catch meMy heart beats in timeWith the sound, with the soundA ticking clock constantly counting downI never dreamed I'd be in my twentiesA hole in my chest that left me with nothingOld memories up in flamesOnly myself to blameCan you remember the day?When we told ourselvesThat we would never be like themAnother spoke on a wheel of bullshitI promised youThat there was way more to life than thisI swear I tried so hardCan't believe it's all falling apartI fought to get this farOnly to fail, only to failSo here I amWith my heart in my handsSearching for the chanceTo be something moreI fear that it's goneAnd I've tried my best to hold onBut I'm slipping nowWith no one to catch meI've tried so hardTo feel just like I used toI'd rather feel this painThan nothing at allI've fought so hardTo try and break the cycleA failure I'm forced to meetEach and every day________________________________Credits:Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lee AlbrechtMusic video by Jason Caudill© 2018 Beckwith Records. All Rights Reserved.

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3:05 Checkmate , Flat-earthers.

Matt Elsbernd



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Half Strike

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Ey man how much time does it take you to make a video?(find information,record,edit) But in all seriousness, everyone needs school, or you'll be making spelling mistakes that are outright embarrassing....

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MOVIE EASTER EGGS!!! Oh my gosh. This is my favorite channel now. Your awesome.


lol it's kind of funny at 2:28 because Cody can't really do many tricks. But I'm still a huge fan of them

I know how that felt. You're not alone! 😀❤


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This was the smoothest and softest song and rap i ever heard

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