Hindi Comedy Short Film - Vacancy | This interview might become your reality | Funny Interview

Durgesh Kumar, a young aspirant is going for a one of a kind interview. There is a Vacancy but a lot of competition for it. Will he crack the interview or will he fail?Subscribe to our channels for a new #shortfilm every day - Here to Watch New Releases - to know more about us and our activities including films, contests, updates, etc.Cast & Crew:Director: Anurag Bhupen WorlikarMusic / Sound: Ankit Mastakar and Siddharth HajareEditor: Aishwarya KatkadeCinematographer: Amit NActors: Aasif Khan, Uday SabnisFor Latest Updates Follow Us on Social PlatformsFollow Us on ►►►►►►►FB - - - Network Channels►►►►►►►Dekh Bhai Dekh - Kids Channel - you a filmmaker? Want to showcase your film/documentary and also generate income? Contact us at


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Fire Vixen

omg.........this is so deep and sad. :( But amazing story telling without even speaking!

Mateo Parra

4:13.slenderman? So amazing

shahd Ahmad

If the boys want to have night let them do whatever they want togather but don't do it with the girls because they will be pregnants

A wolf who’s human

Pandas head fell offReveling his true identityWhich was blurred out

rattan lal

Cricket ball throw

Henry Bolanos



i always thought food in this game was pointless since it only healed 2-5 HP cx

Leksa-Sedö Plays

That is not football

Gordon Byrd

Asu baby

chickon fame

I'm just pointing that you should warn on spoilers because you might ruin it for some people

Bella issa Queen

I'm a girl and i go to school like if you a girl and boy that you go too school too

Amazing Man-Spider

3:40 I died 😂😂 Cody has Karma

Davis Adventures

comment your favorite part here. mine is 2:01

Kasual Bosy

Apa an ini lo

Omosede Edoigiawerie

im also bipolar. lemme tell u, if u skip ur meds, its gonna get you all the way messed up.

Frankie Gavaldon

7:10 This is mom she is a mega boss she has 1000 health 1 like=2 damage.

Sera Ben

This is how jimin feels with jungoo..

Eclipse Gaming

Hey guru if you have a xbox 360 could you add me as a friend? It seems a bit weird to ask but it'll be cool if you could also keep up the great work

Mr Watney

Wish they teased some new song. Wonder how they will top let it go.

jack healing

this may not seem funny but when i thought of this than it was amazing your mamma is so ugly that goldfish don’t even simile back😂 love you guys

Griffin Sparks

Y did the turkey cross the roadchickens day off

Internet - Where every dolt is an expert

frozen is nothing without its musick

cole2390 cole2390

I wonder what Codys carear

brando de belen


ZILLA Productions 303

Frozone’s great, great, great, great, great, great, grandmother...