Hillclimb Andler Schönberg 2018 Review

Here is my Review Video from the Sunday at the Hillclimb Andler-Schönberg (B) 2018.Look at my Video from the Oliebollenrace 2018 Stock Car Speedway Emmen too!


Some easter egg are like WTF XD

jinat jahan

Make a speed typing.


I'm in love with your musical taste. Most of them are favorite of mine or i heard it and for some reason it' just gives me goosebumps that there are people who listen to the same good stuff and not the mainstream trash.

Sabalito 7

"..keep it funky.".......

Abderrahim El Farh

Dale like si eres español


I mean... maybe you're uncomfortable, but this is actually the absolute best voice for the videos you do if you ever did decide to include it.

DIzzyY's MSD

He called her a pimp multiple times 😡😤


I love the not clickbait content ^^


Walt Disney Conspiracy Theories?

Tyler Kabus

I'm going there Thursday I'm taking a plane from Philadelphia to Chicago then Chicago to Dallas I will I'm going to see the Stars versus Devils that Thursday night I cannot wait to see my two favorite NHL players

Nova Sniperr

What about "Your Never Alone"? (Yes, I know it's in the creepiest easter eggs, but it's in this game)

T Bread

Why isn't this on trending

Tommygun 898

He atacc

Kingdom of anime

Jaiden went to my home country

Jeon Jungkookie

𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓪𝓬𝓽𝓾𝓪𝓵 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴?


I don't give a shit about the Tony Awards, but that was well done.

MartyMan 6776

At 1:12 he says "oh god" but at 1:15 he says "oh boy"...hmmmmmmmmmmm

crazy fanliy tanya and tamir



I watched this video and still dont know how to be happy.

Kev Caruana

I don't really like sharks


Hes tryna be juice wrld soooo hard. Xant knock him tho cuz juice has good flows

Manlike JasedoubleD


Smells Like Napalm

No-one suspects the guy witht the sniper...

David Wynn

Steph Curry has a slight southern drawl.

Fathamath Hindhu

This is soo sad and heart breaking !!

Ayman Marzuq

September 12th is my birthday 😂

Eeshrat Brar

I wasnt here to get a free business administerstion lesson


since when did 28 year old women look and act like they're 45 jesus


The Gods...for what it seems they don't like you!

breeze heart

Same in England.

〖Pastel b u n n y

My brother has asthma..He’s fine tho, it’s been awhile since he’s had an asthma attack :D 💖

Rainbow Queen Megan

FYI whenever I get a notif from the bell the video has already been live 1-5 minutes. So notifs are delayed.

Dlx Dorothy

Guys what do I do?

Mia Kim

Why dont you take your sisters:)

Joppe Van Stiphout

Football? More like bitch-rugby


Girls do this to guys all the time.


Well done lad ^_^ any chance of MK X easter eggs in the future?

Khushi Bhaskar

Let coby win at least 2 battles , he is my favourite,Tyler if you win 1 more battle I will stop seeking dp👹👹👹

Dominico 18

They dynamaxed the ramen Pokemon!

Gaming A

Love it

Pikachu Love

To be honest its was cute and touching😊 and she did the right thing

Wow. So professional. 😑

game wellman

2019 anyone


Never seen a panda on a dirt bike

k g

Elon musck

I didn't know what to write

Marco Dollerup

Finally some hoops, sadly only 2 D: ... Oh well, seems the next episodes will be with shots, ROCK ON!

Talkative Animation

This channel’s content really suits the channel name🤨

Tarma Roving

wow, c'mon, everyone has their preferences, cant everyone just play the game they like without mocking each other? They're just videogames, 2D pixels. But hey, im just an idiot on the Internet

Andrew Sandoval

Empire State Building

سورن امین اجلاسی

I hope snake retired doesnt mean his dead beacuse sam and snake is my dream team.again I hope his not dead.I hope😢😢

Austin Gannoe

Stereotypes game of pool


great vid man. i cant believe people dislike this. Done very well. 

TheDocileGamer c ces't impossible!

emily mulcahy

Manaola has awesome clothes