Highgrove: Alan Meets Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales takes Alan Titchmarsh on a tour of Highgrove House - his own personal retreat and family home. Prince Charles gives a remarkably informal and candid interview about the outlet for his gardening aspirations, offering a rare insight into a royal passion. The Highgrove estate has become synonymous with all things organic, and Alan finds out from Head Gardener Debs Goodenough and her team what inspired the beliefs of the most hands-on royal gardener in history.


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Vito Greco

This video was amazing, chills all the way, I don't know why, but it gave me a nostalgic feeling. Do you know where i can find the song that starts at 6:35 without the lyrics, like in the video?

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My wife and I are currently trying for a baby, and this podcast just makes me so happy for Ethan and Hila, and also so excited to start my own family.


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This story is awesome, Your friend is the best :)

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