Het Goede Doel - 4 Films (CD Awards 1986)

Tijdens de CD Awards in 1986 won Het Goede Doel in de categorie Groepen. Zij traden in deze show op met 4 Films.

Abby C.

It's funny if you replay the "mmmmmmm" part in the beginning over and over again


Garret the new rage monster

Luke Wirth

tyler seguin is a greaser I think he's underrated

Ariii’s World !!

when she left him hanging tho 😭

Sarina Choudhury

Who uses tinder for actual dating anymore? Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

Luke Zhang

All I see are polygons.


Working on it.

Bailey Stovall

Oppression at its finest

aniket tambe

i love it❤❤❤❤

lyn 8991

Everybody loves Tom

dead mouse

sweet vid

Nova 730

People are say it’s a lie and it’s just a ploy to get people to buy. A thing about marketing is that lying about your products biggest function is a terrible idea, there’s minor fibs here and there maybe but never the main function.

Like seriously


He’s 119 years old and his voice sounds like a man wow


Rage Monsters is best


The girl is a pyromaniac, I love it

Zoey Buley

boy...if you've been together for 4 years....and you're happy....shouldn't it be the time he should propose???

Istabraq Sheikh

Floor is lava

Connor Playz

At 2:01 his celebration sounds like bubbles

4. Polo G

I think motto motto likes you

I have the same exact story except I have anxiety and it reflex’s of my stomach so my fear is getting sick




Jacqueline reminds me of Yinka.

At night they make me go to bed when I'm asleep they argue because my dad is a cheater

Ryan Wiggs

This is a story about a German woman in the 50's since then the safety of planes has improved and they have precautionary measures incase this happens

Isaiah Mawien

Me: Hey mom. Can you buy me some Dude Perfect merch ?My Mom: 0:12


When you added Super Mario World by Logic on the Half Life 2 easter egg xD

Love Love temazo de ozuna