Hercule Film entier 2005

La vie d'Hercule (Paul Telfer) depuis sa naissance jusqu'au meurtre de ses fils et son rachat par l'accomplissement de ses six travaux.

stella_ WOO

Can you make a video about your thoughts on #Jamden James and Jaden

King Equin0x

Guru couldn't wait to put his name at the end of the song "Time". Clearly the perfect way to end the video... just like all his other videos.

Icey King

3:23 the dog jumping at the window

Zainab resse

I always had depression but than A few weeks ago I was finally feeling happy but than I felt guilty for no reason I felt like something was wrong and something was missing. That day I came home and my dad told me my uncle died...I was really close to him when I was little And My happiness crashed , I started crying hard And would not eat . I gave up everything I use to do and Than was soo stressed that I got sick badly....I started losing lots of Weight Less than a week and Started losing hair . I would Vomit whenever I eat And Than I would be deppressed My head would hurt from crying. It been a few weeks since he died And I still haven't been feeling better😔


I'm here early. HI GURU! :D

BioNetic Gaming

This is amazing and all but I noticed a problem. WHERE IS KRIEG AND TINA?! I WANT MY PYSCHOS

The Fake Brit

The wrench was never usable as a weapon in the second Bioshock :\


Jack the ripper dlc. Would be nice.

this girl is so delusional i can´t even


my god your voise is awesome

Dustin Harman

you guys just destroyed the ground

I got together with another woman

Ibrahim footballer

5:00 is wild and funny

who the FUCK downvoted this ?!

Chrysta Lundy

love yall

Orange Gremlin



Am I the only one who thinks this is BS? Like, really? In what school would you be bullied for being homophobic? We are more progressive but LGBT+ people in school are still the most bullied. China and Russia for starters are super homophobic, and even in the states there are some really homophobic places like Texas.

Queen Emily

The Inquisition, what a show, the inquisition, here we go!

Kid: *shows book*

Kellan Dzik

Coby I be leave

Wacking Cactus

I'm Indian and I have no idea what you said materino

Kitty Playz

Omg this is so sad I cried so much 😭

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I always knew you were British. You joined my party once on 360 about a year and a half ago and you said that you would " talk to me later ." Lol time to reply Guru! xD Keep up the good work!

Mom: AlL RiGht THaTs iT iM cAlLiNg tHe PoLicE