[HD] Frozen - Live at the Hyperion! FIRST SHOWING EVER: California Adventure

[HD] Disney's Frozen - Live Musical at the Hyperion: California Adventure park full show 1080p60fps! Journey on a amazing adventure through Arendelle with Anna, Elsa and Olaf with music, lights and magic! :DBe sure to Rate, Comment and Subscribe! Dont forget to be awesome! :DCheck out our Facebook at: out our twitter at: out our Instagram: LMG VidsLMGVids Outro song:

fresh donkey

So humble both of these warriors👊

Joshua Gonzalez

I don't get number 4


Hmm He has pulled the mighty sword Ex-dildo-bur From the stone of kings. He who weilds the sword shall be named the next king of camelot.

Andres Bravo


Michelle Gonzalez

I’ve watched this 3 times already

Sean the Charmander

I have muscular dystrophy to and I went to a camp 3 times for a week with other people who had the same thing (I only went 3 times because I wasn't diagnosed until I was 15) and I was the only one in my cabin that wasn't in a wheelchair

Adrianrocks 392

what song is this p.s stay awesome guru

Jennifer Morse

i love pandas

oVert Bonzai

My father passed couple years ago on a Monday Due to a heart attack but was soo sweet and happy all the time 😞


Man... U should have like minimum 100k likes under every of ur videos. Always before starting to watch i give u a like because i know it will be good. Hope u never stop making you tube because u are the best .


Yea I saw it

Wessley Daugerty


Saint Pablo

I miss monster factory 😓

Mel Drick

Whose in 2019?

Mohamad Fayad


Bob Jaber

I know what she means like when I run it up the middle when you could just go around


I entered my story but it did not work

Alan Brezovac

Its Ricardo Miloš


every like i’ll add 🍻


Have you heard a new dark crystal movie 😐

monika dutta

Tyler is best

low budget spiderman

Im a little bit of human controler and cheater

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Jad Cornett

I knew it was checkers


Tyler is bad

Crazy Koala


Ángel Gómez

What's the last song's name?

Larkin Hagen

No, Maiq was in both Morrowind and Oblivion, but weapons could not break. You couldn't have two equipped in the past so he's adjusting to the times.

K-man 27


Suhaib Bayado

You lied it’s 856

Edward Food Reviews

I found another easter egg on the final mission when you meet up with pack stay in that same room and irish and pack will start a secret conversacion

GuideBird !

Was u recordings with Drone


I’m the avoidant type and this guy i’m seeing is an anxious type.. it’s hard..


Frick I was gonna call it off as fake. Read the description pepls


Graphics soo poor

great granny

1:22sims has entered the chat

Petr TV

De Bruyne


Hey guys break aknee

Amaris Santos

imagine what would happen when they all die

TheHumanVulcan THV

Idea #1 = serious case of chicken pox

AJ Davey

1:12 he broke the door lol

Anthony Ortiz



CrazyNaturelover_V ;3

It took me 4:03 minutes to realize that Sugar was actually sugar xdd


It does seem right. By the way, now you know that everyone else claiming to be first is a liar. >: D

Arden Vangellis

only in America that shit happened