Happy Break Up The Movie (2017 FULL MOVIE w/ English subs) - YouTube

Break ups are never easy; join Valentine as she tries to find the silver lining in it. From the hit single "Happy Break Up", the film looks at heartbreak in a different light. This film is for free to launch Donnalyn's YouTube Filmmaking. A way to make up to her fans, make them feel happy and to give something in return for all their love. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!Starring Donnalyn Bartolome, Paul Salas, Niño Muhlach, Marissa Sanchez, Sachzna Laparan, Kelly Welt, Ann B. Mateo, Bianca Yao, and Angelica FelicianoDirected by Roe Pajemna Written and Produced by Donnalyn BartolomeI'd like to thank Canon, Swatch, Devant,Vista Mall, Enchanted Kingdom, White Flower, Cospray, SkyCastle, Viva, and Oomph TV.Facebook: making videos? Join Oomph! TV:


*from Bullied to Billionaire to Hosting Meme Review.


Hey dp I watch this video all time but u show ur kindness while hitting the panda 👍👍 for panda for not taking it seriously

Mykekee Edits


I love men So much

Tyler is not in it

Austin Barnes

Anyone and everyone can do that if they put effort into it


and the LEGENDARY PANDA was born



we are so thirsty for this kind of concept for twice that we already made it trending on yt (and this is not even a korean comeback its a japanese mv!)


Go Hawks!!! Seahawk fan for life!

Rock TDR

Wast fellow

Suomen Mato


Élisabeth Bouchard

Team ty all the way!


This slaps harder than... its not “smart” or “better” to not have a cell phone, it just makes you ignorant when you do have one. i’ve had a cell phone for a long time, i learned how to keep my focus on my school, i get straight As and i’ve never had to deal with a creep. its not about the cell phone, its about how much you know about how to fucking use it.

Korbin Asbury

He won!

xx Aésthétic Røses xx


Leroy Pillay

I love Red Dead Redemption

Elaina Charrette

I litterally felt like I needed to click off of the video because things in it were triggering me