Hamrahi Full Movie | Rajendra Kumar, Jamuna | Drama Bollywood Movie

Plot: Shekhar (Rajendra Kumar), lives a wealthy lifestyle and flirts with every other woman. His parents are tired about is womanizing nature but are unable to do anything. Shekhar's father, a Public Prosecutor, Dharamdas (Nasir Hussain) when finds out that Shekhar is involved with a woman, Hemlata (Shashikala), who is pregnant, he asks his brother – in – law to solve this issue and convince Shekhar to get married. Shekhar meets Sharada (Jamuna), and falls in love with her. He even changes his entire nature and is ready to accept Sharada. Things go for a toss, when police arrests Shekhar in the murder case of Sharada. Is Shekhar the actual murderer or is he being forced to enter the picture?Click To Subscribe -Hindi MovieHit Hindi MoviesMoviesIndian Dubbed Movies

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