Gypsy Rose Part 1: Mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube - YouTube

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: Truth and LiesIn between hospital stays, Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee Blanchard traveled to sporting events, galas and theme parks, and lived in their Habitat for Humanity house.#GypsyRoseBlanchard #Gypsy #2020 #documentary #truecrime #ABCNews

casey chapman

right in the face? dude got hit In the chest

Jessie Fernandez

Done for the gram

Will Sieg

Team Coby/Cory all the way

Daniel G.

Teddy bear factory... That's F*** up

Laura Dixon

I love it


Bro it wasnt even that cool

Jude Varble

Tie the pie

Dang Mary

I feel like I am watching Avengers in a movie theater !!!!!


Where was Garett

Throws Child to school NOW HUN

Jancarlos Goden

I like the vid but not the music but I was awesome

Luky Indrakusuma

crossbar challange

Cherie Garcia

im eating fruit lol

Ryan Sylvester

The PlayStation 4 that's being made next year at holidays :D

Maeve Maushard

4:19 Maybe it's Sirius Black??

Stephruan Playz

I’m 1st XD



Junk Bucket

That Max Payne Easter egg made me hit the floor. XD

Kraken TG

at 5:32garret : no way that guy should be parking and the same with you. you have no disabled people in or out the car

Sarah Jones

hockey steyrotypes

Derek HamJamington

The UFO at 6:55 always kinda creeped me out


Christmas Came Early

Lush_ Slushi

Bust down Gloriana

Ben M

The lose lose situation was sexist


Do the Chicago Bears Edition with Mitchel Trubisky

If I where your best friend I would fight him then accept you


I think it will be nice serie