Grooming Guide - Full Grooming Yorkshire Terier #44

brush Chris Christensen -Andis- 7FC - 30 - A6 clipper -Shears Rose Line - Rose Line - Combs Wahl - shampoo - shampoo (the best!) - shampoo volume - mask - - Mellow Relaxed Background Music byc Jonathan Dennil Gobllins from Mars - Fire and Ice

Rich Taylor

Someone tell me when it was the Ty trust shot!!

Boi Exist

What it's not even a rocket it dose not have any stages and side boosters but it doesn't need side boosters to be a rocket

Jdog Jdogslag

I really like when he gets caught by the big monster and that scream

Jordan Valdez

Did they take his character from saints row three in the saints row 4 trailer?

bla bla

Я один из Русских кто их смотрит????????????????????


Mohammad ali not mowhammad ali

Queen Kamie

I’m 32 and appreciate you talking about the stigma around “mature”

running in with a beet

But you don’t know them that much

Pinky Malin

LOL For a moment there I thought we were going to do the 100 layers of lip product challenge.

Blizz God**

Awesome 💪🏼


I was waiting for a Stranger Things video from you!

read the first three words😃


who else was expecting a Troll Face on the portal 1

Narmy Cm

Counting hour.. #BTS #DDay #0613


"Certain parts" :P


In Shadow Warrior there are a lot of secret areas with the old-school textures in them. It's cool when devs do that stuff.

Fang Ting Chen

Interview salt