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They should make longer videos

poochi goochi

Wait a second, isn't showing once a week normal? I dont want my skin to fall of lol

Charlie Moxon

Lol when the kid said mum he's s real panda 😂

Zeroisthehero000 Is here

Shirt is stupid

Dylan Mooneyhan

Hey guru. This may be a little late and I really hope you see this but.. do I need to complete the game to find the dildo bat? Because I'm going to that same exact location but the cave isn't there. And there's a house on that open space just before the rocks.. help?

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Can u flip it in the snooker stick


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liked and subscribed

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6:55 o my god! Loki!!!!! the first time i saw him in other movie!!!

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"Everyone is different. Diamonds are valuable because it doesn't pretend to be Topaz. Topaz are valuable because it doesn't pretend to be rubies."💞💞💞


12:58 Be all like wtf


Parents are usually the issue to begin with.

Johanna Ruff


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pls do another video like this

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He said garrett vs todd

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I'm 58 and fab!! Lol Thanks for the recommendation

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It is so crazy

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This is very sad and all but if you have the money to go to festivals you can adopt

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Of course it's not like the movies, that was SOOOOOO long ago


Flour blows up who knew



Shit, i have hysteria.

emma: 😳

Genghis Khan

stortnight form an i tottle

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Toronto blue jays are my favourite

Landen and Michael Vlogs

Do a nerf war

The Dabbing Fish

How come Coby didn’t get his own record?

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Did anyone get triggered about how ty put his seat belt on

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Lebron james can do that without the trampoline

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Wat sthe name of that music


Tittle : I helped my best friend cheat

Fandie Brata Prima Hartanto

jangan2 rekayasa 😋


i thought easter eggs were refrences


I had the last one happen to me while I was watching my brother. I was chilled to the bone


is 19 too old to be this hyped to see it

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The kid looks like Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6.

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Rip old man

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There's no way you can beat 55!!! By the way, I'm a 9 year old!!!

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh sound works by air particles knocking into each other sooooo


10:35 i would rather call that a refference to Futurama

فراس فاضل