GRANNY VS BALDI & SONIC CHALLENGE THE MOVIE! (official) Minecraft Horror Game Full Animation Video - YouTube

If Granny took on Sonic and Baldi's Basics. An Animation in Minecraft world where Baldi and Sonic meet Granny for the new update they won't forget. School is out, its time to Visit Granny's! This is THE FULL MOVIE! Enjoy my 3D animation. Please like and share with all your friends and don't forget to Subscribe and Join the road to 2Mil! ?? YOU. Add my INSTAGRAM below! I'll be updating you there!(Me) as Baldi not the one from VRCHAT! (The Voice of Baldi)Please don't re-upload my videos without my permission. These things take time to create. Thank you!This is GRANNY VS BALDI & SONIC CHALLENGE! official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Want more Baldi? GRANNY MIGHT BE NEXT! Subscribe! If Sonic and Baldi's Basics were in Granny's House, this is a taste of what you would see.

Karson Moore

Banggg!!!!! LETS GO!! WOO HAA

Thu Tran


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Jimins Jams

Okay but why is this actually good?



Sunken Visions

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I haven’t seen a fantasy factory episode in a while why did they quit making them

Mac J


Harry P

I knew it was checkers

"Godsdammit" - Kratos, 2018

Koneko Neko

I think this is based of Brooke Ellison. If you wanna watch a movie made about her I totally recommend it. It’s on YouTube just google The Brooke Ellison Story

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Maha Guirgis

I especially loved this video... because he mentioned "Tony Stark” (I know I’m in love with marvel)

Corwyn Rutan

Team necklace.


I love kendall

Livi :D

This is so amazing! I have no words of how creative this is keep up the good work!


well..what about 200k special?


I've been waiting for 8 to be remastered. Though it can become confusing when they say remastered when you look at vii/ix remaster vs the zodiacs complete remaster.

dxpression vxbes

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Yhungxchoppa Bran

Make one when y'all are doing backflips


Rick and Morty Gravity falls crossover PLZ PLZ PLZ

Emanuele Savino

There is an other easter egg: in a flashback of Riley there is the slide of sunnyside, the asylum in the toy story 3

Trey Green

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Khalid Hassan

Just like call of duty MW3 when the helecoptor crash into a building on Black Tuesday.

Girly Eclipse

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[Wizo McNeil]

Kevin is fucking crazy! Marv would have died form the first brick.

Venkata Raghav

6:03 that sword looks like the squirrel's dick!!LOL!!!

Poor Man Gamer

Great video! A few things I saw:

Tuğba Sıla Çobanoğlu

Wooaawwww. Türkiye'den selamlar 👏👏🇹🇷🇹🇷

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Siman akaJulian

Very nice all the best


That music is annoying as in fok!And why you guys constantly have to yell like lil kids?


Really loved it! I've always been a huge fan of movie references in games


4:27 I Think that's how modern asmr is pure genius

Reuven Elmakies

I love your tricks shots they are awesome I hope I can meet you

Null Void

Ethan the MVP at the end there. He saved the shit out of that ending lol

Electra Electric

This was super inspiring


Please for the love of God have more gurus game reviews

Ty Delottie

Amazing video, dp, can you please respond to me, it would mean so much to me.

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game mon

where did the hammer go?