Ghar Ho Toh Aisa 1990 | Full Hindi Movie | Anil Kapoor, Meenakshi Seshadri, Kader

This Movie Story Deals WithKumar family consists of Ramprasad (Saeed Jaffrey), his wife Durga (Bindu).Their married son Vijay (Raj Kiran), his wife Sharda (Deepti Naval). Vijay and Sharda's daughter Pinky. Durga and Ramprasad's daughter Kanchan who lives with them with her husband Bajrangi. An unmarried and unemployed son Amar (Anil Kapoor).The movie opens with the dysfunctional Kumar family, where most of its members are highly greedy, lazy, selfish and abusive. Durga is a short tempered, aggressive woman who physically and verbally abuses her daughter in law, Sharada, for every minor reason and belittles her for her poverty. Her elder son, Vijay follows her footsteps and is insensitive and abusive towards his wife and daughter. Durga's lazy daughter, Kanchan, is just like her mother and falsely accuses Sharada for being lazy, which results in the latter getting beaten up. Kanchan is also highly domineering over her husband, Bajrangi, who does the housework. Ramprasad is a henpecked man. Sharada is a meek woman and respects her family, but nobody appreciates her work. Bajrangi is a simple and innocent man from a rural area and is not so intelligent, though he has sympathy for Sharada.Movie:- Ghar Ho To AisaStarcast:- Anil Kapoor,MeenakshiSeshadri,Kader khan,BinduDirected by:- KalpataruProduced by:- Firoz A. NadiadwalaMusic by:- Bappi LehriGhar ho to aisa full movie, ghar ho to aisa hindi full movie, ghar ho to aisa 1990 full movie, ghar ho to aisa songs, anil kapoor full movies, kader khan movies, minakshi seshadri movies, bindu movies full movies, 1990 hit movies,

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