Jazmely Tavera



Oh wooosh, I been called worst....

Now:S O. I. P E E D. O N. M Y. W A L L E T

omid playz

Pls don't sing


11:36 the VA of AI pod and Theboss is Donna blurke, which is also the japan train station VA.

Synthetically Synful

What a braves young lady, good on her!

Rainbow Cupcake

F*ckwad F*ckwad F*CKWAD XD XD XD


this movie was a while ago don't be frozen in time

Ali Ait Bihi

So coby was the loser back then....Now its cory

Pee pee Gang

My favorite team bet the rams in the divisional round, guess what my favorite team is

Alrick Kerketta


Dude dude

Neenee Castillo

Y he look like domic ummm the artist my guy

Xander Pryce

Love IN-N-OUT 😍

Video: 3:03 It’s been 3 months sense we met Edit: Thank you for the relatable likes ! 😃


Is that anwar?

Ameri Wryter

One day we're gonna get a movie based around the Pizza Planet Truck

Ρέα Δελλή

Damn tmg always coming out with absolute bangers making me clap my ass to the beat

Flaming X


Adam Kerschner

Ty did every single shot

ايمان gaming

I had a boyfriend like that , i left him and i dont regret at all


Left 4 dead reference? pretty cool :)


Love you man

Jessica Slater

i love how you can tell how proud jeffree is of everything and that’s how you know the products are good.

Wolfie Gaming

7:14 my dad

The two Brothers


Brendan Folk

There is a traffic cone in hunting tower on the south region of the map

Tony Spatafore

You should do a trick shot video with the splash brothers

Wolf Artist 33


carlos tilghman

What can I say they start it young XD

Konrad Souser

There should be a box you have to be in

souldier fights! plastic

Stop child abuse


next up: i married my grandpa and it saved my grandma's life

Bongo Congo

You messed up the chance to say "Spoopy" in the beginning!



Me: When I was 3, I thought I was the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland and if someone made me mad, I'd scream off with their head

>doesn’t show totoro’s walking animation


Plz be kind to fish let them live.

Masen Julius


Poorvika Sharma

My family has been vegetarian for generations. My grandma and grandpa both died 95+ I've been a vegetarian all my life (24 years) so I can say that there's no harm is giving up meat. We all are fit as a horse.

Robert Aiken

on number 2 i played it on legendary and NO button;/

Mark Garr

Look at Cory when Cody put his phone in the water

Austin Weichman

The title “Giving Starbucks employees $1000 if they spell my name right” In the video he says that they are supposed to spell all their names not just his. In the video he says he will be giving each employee $100 BUT UMM YOU SAID $1000 IN THE TITLE.

Caleb Danley

Hears loud explosion and feels building moving



aaron hendron

Why did you not interview dwil