GANAHAN KO NIMO - Filipino BL/gay short film

We are proud to present to you are our very own Pinoy version of Boys Love Short film, Ganahan Ko Nimo (I Like You). A story of a smart boy from province who developed a feelings from the President of the Student Council.In association with Boy's Love Series/Movies and BL Cafe present a Pink Prodigy Production short filmGANAHAN KO NIMO (I Like You), Written by KEI abordo and Directed by Dante QuintanaStarring Mike Oliveron, Zach Medrano and Joshua FloresSubscribe to our channels to follow our updates on Ganahan Ko Nimo!Don't forget to click on HD for better viewing and don't forget to "Like" and "Share". Happy watching!

Also Ethan: holds Emma’s hand

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Sgt. Tomato

From what I’ve seen from the trailer it looks like there going for a darker story compared to the manga


@tiagodauria they must take hours to get it right haha

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Couldn't pay me to play this trash again. But still, I'm happy that gamers that really wanted this remastered are finally getting their wishes granted.

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i havent played this game, but i will soon so does this vid have spoilers in it?

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