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chris tolosa

This could be made into a movie


Yo Alex just needed his relationship virginity cut off

Nothing to see cri

caillou left the chat

Glxy ninja wolf yt

She should have ran up to him and said YOU Pick the WRong House FOOL

Rocket Bunnya

Scott Pilgrim is a good movie, comics and video game !


games a joke honestly.

Fany Hu

Are they trying to find their parents???

Rhick Martines

Title: I thought girls couldn’t fight against boys but I was wrong...

Denver Merillat

Germany or Argentina

Red pemimpin flock

call of duty infinite warfare easter egg

Kyle Whisler

THE chefs

Wyatt Roberts


poop dolla. kobgoate

all larriors deserve to get injured after what happened to kawiamm


Damn. could partially relate

Cambrie Nechanicky

Who's watching May 2019? Love DP videos ❤💯


wtf i cant get over that

Justin Li

Im blind but at least I know that ty's black

Abhijeet Nadkarni

hey maybe i can show you my amazzzzzzing shot yal

Dina Garabedian

I would of drank that whole thing of Gatoradebecause I love blue Gatorade so much

I ish confusion....

Beinta Niclasen

Poor you i hope it wil stop



Jon Edmondson


dalibor blazanovic

You plain Battlefield1

Musical Hoops

Who hasn't heard "You'll shoot your eye out, Ralphie" from a Christmas Story???

Youssif As Shami

I started laughing when Cody wore everything orange.

Genet Selam

I got dude perfect2 and endless dunker

Matt Cone

Tyler: -5. Not badThen Cody does it perfectly

Kitab Family


Arslan Adil



but it is made in sweden

Romeo Rodriguez

you ever wonder how much money they have, bc they have more subs than a company does (WWE)

that the unrighteous

Guard Girl

There's a lot of things I can't tell anyone and no matter how many times I want to I know my parents will be disappointed and mad at me


That’s a Philly cheese steak sandwich From STANS

gaming master

cool not cool is my favourite segment

Big Slim

There is an eater egg like the moving angels one in Black Ops 3 on Nuketown

ϝр᥉ Newcouth

New Hit

Just me? Okay 😔



Mindcraft Miner

I died at 1:28


omg this is so fake. you can see the ball bouncing off the board way faster.half of these dudeperfect videos are fake or edited

Gaming Wind

Where's the woo?

EVO_ Secret

The good ol days!!!


better than sanchez

A board person Who likes animating

S T O P T O U C H I N G M Y S H O U L D E R S ! ! !


Grayson: “it’s not hair it’s just burnt peach fuzz”

0 subs with no videos without a video


Lego sonic Wars

Huh this reminds me to a story of wansee entertainment

Bhuvan Das

Omg ty has a real gun

Munkhtulga Jagvaral

Can someone tell me the names of Dude Perfect maker? I just started watching few weeks ago.


Your videos always make me happy, keep up the good work!