Flip of my Personal Wide Set-up in my VDS Custom Tortora Croco (SMPLANS) - YouTube

Made the switch to Personal Wide inserts (4.75” x 6.75”) and so obviously needed to share an updated set-up! Thanks for watching!Find me on instagram: B6: to planning? Or want to see what I buy and products I recommend: tab/stickers: minimalist stickers: stickers: Plans: Newest Addiction: and Cats (weekly inserts): paperclips: Planner Spot: Plans: Use BIANCA20 for 20%Barry! (GrinandBearit): Press (I subscribe to their DashBox and Digital DashBox): Sierra

C T Films

I didn’t want to do this...

Adam Huddleston

I got Pinocchio, Finding Nemo, Jaws, and Space Jam

kitsune love

If she had a theme song it would be "candy store" from the Heathers...


One like = 85 kicks in that ex boyfriends balls

Tanay Kewalramani

Team COKE!

HOLDEn Sutton

Baritone looks like he’s in heaven.

Jaws Torres

Also the doc ock one when you first met doc ock, the machine breaks ,peter then tries stop it, doc touched his neck as it malfunction, and a tiny fire occurred. I found it reference spiderman 2 scene since the events were similer .😆🖒.

Jaiden Kennon

I love bowling 🎳❣️❣️❣️

Space Gaming


Alexander Hamilton

You ever heard of phones

Sawyer and stuff

To go Macintosh park


colab with kian and jc

Ya Boi James

I dare you to film in the wilds of Wyoming... The Rocky mountains can make for some impressive stunts.

Ryler Rocha

The first pitch was a two-seam fastball

Fenny Camelia


kolega xdd

Xd 1:53

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Please pray to God for my Aunt Sally she is really sick and has cancer in her jaw.Please pray!


What a beautiful beast!

Arville Mandagie

Like me


Como vrg hacen eso videos

Pig Treasures

I have waited for this

Aksel Winther Groth

Luv ya Guru <3

Ryan Moorman

He is a legend


The Dutch coming back to the land they traded to build walls against water

Bruno Santos

4:26 - Cthulhu Fhtagn


Edgardo Barrios

U must do dad edition #2

Molly Savage

so is she lesbian orr

Jimenez all day Lol

You sweet highlighter 💚