FLASH ON - A Short Horror Film

"Flash On" is the chilling story of a young girl, who is staying after school to finish a project, her peace and quiet in the empty classroom is then disrupted by a strange noise. When the noises proceed, and some of her belongings begin to go missing and move around, she starts to question if she is truly alone.Starring - Megan HalmWritten and Directed by Griffin PettyesProduced by Griffin Pettyes and Megan HalmEdited by Griffin PettyesTHANKS FOR WATCHING


Sou brasileiro, mais amo muito o canal dude perfect

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Why does Harry always scratch himself as he introduces himself?

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On Brazil?

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Please, never stop making videos. They always impress me and you somehow manage to keep the same level of quality in every single one of them. Thank you for that, and keep up the great work.

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T - Entertainment Creations

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"Dont try this at home" - yeah like we have a giant tower sitting around at home for us to do that


Thanks for the upload :p I was running out on things to watch.

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First 10 seconds: OMFG!! ITS SPLITTER CELL?? Atleast Kojima has brains enough to release Death Stranding more than a year before next gen. People are less likely to skip it and wait for next gen if it's still a year away. And then once next gen releases and it's been awhile since your game came out you can release a next gen port and double dip. Similar to what rockstar did with Gta V...


For a second I thought it was legit until a couple seconds into the clip, then I realized it was goofy acting for good comedy.

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