FILMS WAKO - Live Your Life Like a Film (FILMS和光 - ソーシャルアパートメント)

More info about this property here: Kygo (feat. Conrad Sewell) - Firestone (Fireworks Version)------------Live your life like a film, with an actual movie theater at home!For the first time ever, Social Apartment has installed an authentic movie theater as one of the shared facilities.Unlike any conventional theater rooms you would sometimes find in other properties, the movie theater at Films Wako brings an authentic home cinema experience rivaling actually going to the movies. We have made the dream of having a cinema at your home a conceptual reality.With ample room in a space larger than 40㎡, we have created an atmospheric cinema experience by installing more than 20 industry standard cinema chairs, the ones you movie lovers so familiarly know. Just plug any portable electronic device and watch your favorite video content on the big screen. For those who longed to showcase their own work on the big screen, it is now possible with this home cinema!In the digital age where we now enjoy films and videos in the comfort of our own home, we now bring you a new way to watch your favorite films in private, while still having a real cinema experience.

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