film francais KARMA en entier (dosseh, seth gueko,sofiane,niro etc....)

film francais avec des rappeurs tel que dosseh, escobar,lalcko, seth gueko, niro,bassirou, sofiane etd autres... Loin de l amateurisme de certain ce film va convaincre autant les gens des quartiers francais ainsi que les cinéphiles. Le scenario est inspiréd une anecdote vraie et la suite du film est une fiction. La série prévu est devenu un long métrage .

Susan Valtman

Hey Rodgers what happened to the Packers this year. The Bears won the NFC North. And the packers got there playoff hopes destroyed by the Bears. Which is a good thing for me because I’m a Bears fan.

Mark White

I love Spot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ch1py & Ch1py

She dated…

Savannah Hadden

He would have gotten kicked in the balls if this happened to me but not by me but by my brothers


I hate fortnite

Payten Christ

March 2019??

Degree Visuals

this is a fucking banger.

Overlord63731 Rocky

Where’s gar

myra zantinga

I can not wait for Frozen 2!

Carol Smith

The deer


"Drunkard Football Edition"

Aiden Sutherland

Are you in colorado

Wendy’s owned that battle

Sonny Blasingame

DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Gates

I miss the days before my GAD. Some days are better than others, but god damn I miss the days I could smoke a bowl with zero intrusive thoughts.

Lalji rana Barahi

You are the greatest


I really don't feel like you should have gone with the dating scenario because that's people feeling stupid if they screw it up and it makes some people who see a person who is showing signs of anxiety is to make them feel smart even though on some people that can have the exact opposite affect and make them mad (well at least for me it would) My point is is this is one of the types of anxiety you shouldn't have tackled because depending on how some people see it they may respond in a way that will end up being bad for the scenario at some point . (and also I know this feeling to those who say i;'m just being a keyboard warrior i have had stress anxiety and people responded in the wrong way making it worse .)

Slijmgoals 2018


Erin is the head of marketing at the corporate offices. She's done well too.

all BALL

This guy is so entertaining-


Is that music like a new meme? I just finished watching the latest H3H3 video and that music was playing and then I click on here and hear that thinking the auido was bugged.

Chandra Pappadum

eating a big juicy fat schlong

COOLMAN360450 2

ok great vid but some kids with glasses don't disabilities just saying and sry if I attended anyone

John Clift

No affence over dude 3z but Cody’s my fav Cody’s the best and Cory is the winner of all

Marc Vital

howdosety alwayswin

Daniel Mohave

hbd was awesome xD

Vishal Kumar

When that horse appeared I thought it to be a frozen and moana crossover movie.


this was a lie i tried myself


You shouldve put Activision or EA on the black man walking away.

Fortnite God

The Dudes basketball tournament:PG:Magic Johnson SG:Michael Jordan:SF:LeBron James PF:Shaquille O'Neal:C:Bill Russel vs PG:Cory Cotton SG:Coby Cotton SF:TY PF:Garrett C:Coby I Hope 🤞 I get it right 😉

Hunter Dellandrea

Codys closet is bigger than my room

Cameron Ledoux

They are doind some things that is inhumanly impossible, like when he threw the ball behind hos head from 15 ft past half court

Benjamin Gordon

Pool hot tub panda office

Jann Andrei De Guzman


Zahilikerah Hussein

Can’t trust anyone nowadays

John Paquette

Laugh ok ah actually never mind I'll make you laugh just go to whistle sports bad joke telling dude perfect and wa la so can I have the merch plz I subscribed and liked 😀😀😀👊 go big🇱🇷

700$: Eh

galaxy grace

It ok you still have your baby in your baby in your haert put even a little touch of a baby will make you happy 😊😊😊 like if you agee



Living Life

U guys dont have any limitation

u mad bro yolo

00:00 a legend was born

15k Subs with no video challenge


Jaco Kotze

Nice TY