Film en Francais La fugitive (thriller)

Blake et Holly, 17 ans, sont des amies inséparables. Au cours d'une soirée, Blake est agressée par un inconnu et retrouvée morte. A cause de ses antécédents, Holly est accusée du meurtre. Elle échappe à la police et mène sa propre enquête.



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Interesting but I have yet to talk to one of these quacks that it actually helped unless you count a two week coma (I really need the sleep) because they don't read the drug manufacturers material before they prescribe a med to someone . I was hoping for something new here but no such luck .

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Will there ever be a video explaining the images behind the banners at the end of each episode? Off the top of my head, I remember Moonlight, Gummo, and I'm pretty sure you did one for Blonde?

If you ain't no punk

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